M'sians Sharing Childhood Memories Of Mamee Monster Will Bring Back All That Nostalgia

"One time, I broke down crying in the middle of a supermarket cause my mother didn't wanna buy Mamee Monster for me lol."

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1. "My besties and I had this tradition of pigging out on snacks at midnight during sleepovers, and Mamee Monster was always one of our top picks!"

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“Growing up, my besties and I would take turns sleeping over at each other's houses. Before we go over to whoever’s house we’re staying at, we’d all go to a convenience store together and buy a bunch of snacks to pig out on at ngam ngammmm midnight. 'Cause midnight snack, you know? Hehehe.

"And Mamee Monster was one of our must-haves! Specifically the chicken flavour, that was our fave.”

- Gina, 28

2. "My now-husband confessed to me with Mamee Monster when we were in secondary school"

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"One day I came into class and there was a pack of Mamee Monster on my table with a note from him, hehe so kiut! We ended up dating after that and we're married now. Even now, when I merajuk with him, he'll leave a pack of Mamee Monster on our dining room table to cheer me up."

- Puteri, 30

3. "Last time during primary school, whenever got class party, confirm someone will bring a giant pack of Mamee Monster one!"

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"It was the besssttttt! That was always the first thing I grabbed. Teachers would try to make sure everyone only takes one each, but I sometimes curi-curi take extra, hehe :P Getting Mamee Monster in party packs at friends’ bday parties was awesome too.”

- Tom, 23

4. "I used to collect all the surprises in the Mamee Monster packs 'cause they were so cool!"

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"The 3D puzzle thing WAS DA BESSSTTTTT omg I loved that so much! And then got all kinds of other stuff too like stickers and toy cars, robots, and jet planes. Anyone remember those circles with the images that change when you tilt it in diff directions? Ahhhh, that was so cool lah!"

- Suresh, 25

5. "Mamee Monster reminds me of primary school so much"

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Image via @sitisahab (Instagram)

"If I had extra pocket money, it would be something I’d buy from the canteen during recess or on Hari Sukan. OR if my parents were late to pick me up, I’d buy it from the uncle on the motorbike who sells the different kinds of snacks.

"He’d always be parked right outside of the school gates once school was over. And for me, it was Mamee Monster or nothing!"

- Victoria, 21

6. "Every time I was still feeling hungry after eating instant noodles, I would add a bag of Mamee Monster into the remaining soup and enjoyyyy"

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Image via @jarcuisine (Instagram)

"My brother taught me that. <3"

- Wan Xiang, 27

7. "One time, I broke down crying in the middle of a supermarket cause my mother didn't wanna buy Mamee Monster for me lol"

"I was like six okay, don't judge haha. It was my favourite snack and my mum would buy it for me whenever I follow her go shopping for groceries. But that day, I was being a bit naughty so she didn't wanna buy for me. Cue the waterworks!"

- Marissa, 24

8. "When staying over at my grandparents' house as a kid, my cousins and I would snack on Mamee Monster together-gether"

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Image via @amy_amy3 (Instagram)

"I grew up overseas and would come back to Malaysia once every two years for holiday. Every time we came back, we'd stay at my grandparents' house. And all my aunts and uncles and cousins would stay over too.

"It wasn't a big house. Us kids slept on mattresses on the living room floor. And we'd always walk to the kedai runcit to buy Mamee Monster. Because it was the best snack! We'd eat it and play with the lil toys on the mattresses on the living room floor."

- Genevieve, 33

As one of the iconic snacks of our childhood, Mamee Monster will always have a special place in our hearts <3

Btw, the next time you're grabbing a pack, make sure to look out for the hidden golden or blue sachets. If you find them, you stand a chance to win some awesome prizes!

Collect 10 blue sachets to qualify for a lucky draw, in which 10 lucky winners will be chosen each week to win a RM200 cash prize each. Meanwhile, the first five people who manage to find a hidden golden sachet will win a branded gaming console.

Here's how to join the contest:

Step 1: Purchase a 25g pack of Mamee Monster

Step 2: Hunt for the hidden golden sachet or collect 10 blue sachets

Step 3: Attach the sachet on to the contest form and answer the question "Adakah Mamee Monster berwarna biru?"

Step 4: Submit the contest form to PO Box 11, Pejabat Pos, Jalan Klang Lama, 58700, Kuala Lumpur

That's it! Good luck, gais!

For more information, check out the Mamee Monster website. And for all the latest updates, stay tuned to their Instagram and Facebook.

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