Popular Oat Milk Brand, Minor Figures, Is Now Available At Tealive

Tealive will also be launching the first plant-based bubble tea range in Malaysia soon!

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With its rich creaminess and natural goodness, oat milk has been making waves worldwide, especially among coffee-lovers and baristas

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And its not just those who are lactose intolerant who are raving about oat milk. It is also popular amongst people who are able to take dairy, with many choosing to swap their usual milk options with oat milk.

In fact, there are even claims that oat milk is better than dairy milk. So, what is it that's so great about oat milk?

First off, oat milk is as creamy as dairy milk, and tastes just as good too, if not better, thanks to its natural sweetness

This creaminess is what makes oat milk perfect for coffee, especially when it comes to pouring smooth latte art. It is also more nutritional, as there are no refined sugars. And of course, oat milk is 100% plant-based, making it a great option for vegans, people who are lactose intolerant, or those who just wanna be a bit more health conscious.

An important thing to note about oat milk is that it's actually certified halal by Halal Certification Europe (HCE), which is recognised and approved by JAKIM Malaysia.

A particularly outstanding oat milk brand, Minor Figures, has been popular worldwide

Image via Minor Figures

Founded, developed, and run by passionate baristas and coffee professionals, Minor Figures is a popular alternative milk brand from the UK.

Their best-seller is undoubtedly their coveted Oat Milk range, used by cafes and coffee-lovers around the world. Minor Figures is also the first in the world to introduce organic oat milk to the market.

Guess what, guys? You can now get Minor Figures' oat milk in Malaysia, brought to you exclusively by Tealive!

Available in two variants, Organic Oat Milk and Oat Milk, you can buy it via Tealive's Online Store (Peninsular Malaysia only).

It also available at selected Tealive outlets in Klang Valley, and will be coming to other outlets in Peninsular and East Malaysia soon!

- 1L Minor Figures Oat Milk: RM18
- 1L Minor Figures Organic Oat Milk: RM21

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Pssst! Keep an eye on Tealive guys, 'cause they'll be launching the first plant-based bubble tea range in Malaysia really soon, ooooo!

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