These Affordable Data Plans Include Up To 100GB Worth Of Free Internet Usage

Sounds like a steal ;)

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Don't you hate it when you're driving using Waze and you run out of data? Ugh, so annoying >:(

It's not just GPS; we use the Internet at almost every waking moment, especially on our mobile phones. Whether it's spending hours upon hours scrolling through Instagram, sleeping through your online classes, or binging your favourite Netflix shows - it all requires large amounts of data.  

Finding the right data plan involves many variables, and it's not just the amount of data. We usually pine for ones that promise to deliver high-speed Internet, as well as additional benefits. 

Strap in ladies and gents, because Senheng and Digi's latest collab has given everyone a new prepaid plan option: PlusOne Connect!

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Powered by Digi's 4G LTE network, this plan is offered exclusively at over 100 Senheng and senQ branches throughout Malaysia.  

Get this - special rebates are available for PlusOne Connect customers! By signing up alone, you will enjoy a 10% EZ Credit rebate, and if you reload instore, you are entitled to an additional 5% EZ Credit rebate. Which, by the way, can be used to redeem electrical products at Senheng (hint, hint).

For as low as RM28 per month, PlusOne Connect offers comprehensive prepaid plans for you to choose from

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Each of these plans vary according to Internet quotas. As the quota increases, so does the package price. 

What does remain constant, however, is that each of these monthly plans include unlimited calls as well as unlimited access to social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. If you're someone who uses social media regularly, then you might want to consider these prepaid plans. 

The cherry on top is the additional free Internet of 10GB per month

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Each time you subscribe to any of their 30-day plans, you will be given 10GB to use between 1pm - 7pm for the whole month. FYI, you can redeem this 10GB up to 10 times.

You can easily keep track of your prepaid plan by using the Digi tapp application here

Check out this short video featuring Senheng and Digi's collab:

If you're ready to make the switch to enjoy even more Internet, head on over to Senheng's website for more information about PlusOne Connect!

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