[QUIZ] Answer These Gen Z Questions And We'll Reveal Your True Colour

What's your pop of colour?

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Colours... They brighten up our lives, impact our moods, and can even represent who we are as individuals

Perhaps your true colour is black.... like your soul (hehehe jk). Or maybe yellow because you're like a ray of sunshine. <3

Not sure what your true colour is? Take this quiz to find out!

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This quiz is for entertainment purposes only. Don't so serious k? :D

Introducing the all-new Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, the smartphone that not only boasts incredible features, but comes in six bold and dashing colours

Image via Samsung

Each of the colours is unique to every single person:

- Cloud Mint: Trustworthy, Thoughtful
- Cloud Lavender: Sophisticated, Caring, Calm
- Cloud Orange: Optimistic, Enthusiastic, Creative
- Cloud Navy: Go-getter, Confident, Peaceful
- Cloud White: Genuine, Pure, Reliable
- Cloud Red: Energetic, Strong-willed, Passionate

On top of getting your own pop of colour, check out some of the smartphone's key features:

1. Its revolutionary camera, which lets you zoom in and capture clear images, even under low light

Image via Samsung

The smartphone comes with a 32MP front camera along with multiple back cameras – 12MP ultra-wide camera, 12MP wide OIS camera, and 8MP camera with 3x OIS.

Image via Samsung

The device also has the Space Zoom camera, which lets you zoom in up to 30x, while still producing sharp and clear images without missing a single detail. Even if you're taking pictures under low light, you can still get rich and vibrant pictures with the device's Night Mode feature. 

Once you're done with your photo-taking sessions, the smartphone lets you personalise your picture with its My Filter feature. It lets you save an image you like, and then extract the colours out to generate your own personal filter!

2. Enjoy a full HD display designed for endless scrolling, hours of binge-watching, and gameplay

Image via Samsung

You can enjoy a wholesome cinematic viewing experience, read an e-book, or even play games on this smartphone. It spans a 6.5" FHD+ Infinity-O Super AMOLED screen, giving you an immersive, clear, and vibrant display with only a 3.34mm punch hole.

Moreover, the screen is engineered to display fluid transitions with 120Hz refresh rate for smooth gameplay.  

3. Get superfast-charging on top of its all-day battery performance

Image via Samsung

The smartphone packs a mighty 4,500 mAH battery, boasting all-day performance so you can enjoy your favourite activities for hours.

Even if you find yourself running out of battery in the middle of the day, the device puts hours of charging into minutes. You can get more than 50% of battery life in 30 minutes through the wired charging. It has also improved its wireless charging with 25% enhanced charging power, compared to the previous Samsung Galaxy S10.

Image via Samsung

Another cool feature the smartphone offers is its Wireless Power Share. You can charge your Galaxy smartwatches, earbuds, or even your friend's smartphone by simply placing on the back of the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE. Cool right?

4. It not only packs a punch, but you can also save more with its expandable storage

Image via Samsung

In addition to its massive 256GB internal storage, the smartphone also has expandable storage so that you can always save more, and delete less.

You may worry that downloading lots of apps and storing tonnes of photos and videos will cause it to glitch and slow down. Fret not, the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE boasts a powerful 5G Snapdragon 865 processor for a smooth, seamless experience.

Image via Samsung

Download movies or a whole season of your favourite show in just minutes, as its powerful performance features HypeFast 5G. You can even get a 30-second download time for a six-hour-long Netflix movie! Enjoy a dynamic gaming experience or high-quality video call with ultra-speed, zero buffering, and low latency. 

Moreover, the smartphone is engineered with end-to-end security in both hardware and software. The smartphone's processor enters into lock mode and does not operate once it senses even a small hint of hacking. Meanwhile, whenever you make a payment through Samsung Pay, the enhanced Knox security sends a double confirmation to both the server and device. 

Express your pop of colour with the brand new Samsung Galaxy S20 FE priced at RM3,399. Find out more here!

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