Packed With Spices, KFC’s New Crunchy Tandoori Boasts Smoky Flavours You Confirm Will Love

Bring on more spices, yummmm.

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Looking for a good twist to your KFC fried chicken? Maybe some extra flavour to give your taste buds extra drama? :p

Guess what? KFC has recently unveiled a brand new flavour that levels up your favourite fried chicken — KFC Crunchy Tandoori, yaaaas! :D

The Crunchy Tandoori is actually your favourite Hot & Spicy KFC fried chicken, but with a twist. KFC has added a mix of five authentic Indian spices – garam masala, cumin, garlic powder, chilli, and ginger that will completely change your fried chicken game.

You'll get the smoky, spicy flavours, in addition to the original Hot & Spicy flavours. It's the ultimate spice punch. Yum! 

That's not all! Check out some of the awesome variations and value-for-money combos KFC is offering so you can get that complete spice experience:

1. Crunchy Tandoori 2-pc Combo

Image via KFC Malaysia

Just like your classic two-piece combo, this meal comes with two Crunchy Tandoori, in addition to whipped potatoes, coleslaw, and soft drink, all for only RM15.49.

Two pieces not enough? You can opt for the three-piece Crunchy Tandoori combo for RM19.99. Or order as many as you want! There is no such thing as too much fried chicken hehe. :p

2. Crunchy Tandoori Box Meal

Image via KFC Malaysia

Or, if you prefer a hearty, wholesome KFC meal, complete with the Crunchy Tandoori fried chicken, treat yourself to the Crunchy Tandoori Box Meal, omggg.

Priced at RM20.30, you get one piece of Crunchy Tandoori, a Zinger Classic, Crispier fries, coleslaw, and soft drink. Oh my, an absolute treat!

3. Zinger Tandoori Combo

Image via KFC Malaysia

Our all-time favourite Zinger burger now has spicy and smoky tandoori flavours? A Crunchy Tandoori patty layered with mayonnaise AND tandoori-flavoured sauce in a burger? YES PLEASE. 

Priced at only RM13.99, you get a satisfying Zinger Tandoori burger, Crispier fries, and soft drink.

3. Tandoori Chick 'n Go

Image via Penang Foodie

Are you in a rush? Need a quick bite during lunch or maybe looking for a snack? 

Grab this great-tasting fried chicken fillet coated with KFC's Indian spices for only RM4.99. You can munch on it as you hustle at your workspace. So syok!

Oomph, all of them look so finger lickin' good! Are you ready to get your hands on KFC's all-new Crunchy Tandoori for that extra flavour, extra drama? :9

Available for a limited time only, you can order for delivery here or get it at your nearest KFC outlet today!

Image via KFC Malaysia

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