Check Out This Beautiful Lakeside Villa That Has Stunning Views And A Rooftop Garden

Consisting of a beautiful collection of luxurious lakeside villas, Astana is truly a sight to behold.

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A collaboration between Putrajaya Holdings and TV3, Rumah Pilihan Bersama Putrajaya Holdings is a property-themed web series

Consisting of short, five-minute episodes, the series explores various homes in Putrajaya, while also sharing informative tips about buying a home in Malaysia.

Hosted by singer Neeta Manis and entrepreneur Ahyat Ishak, each episode features a different gorgeous Putrajaya Holdings home, showcasing the whole thing from the inside out, and talking about all the perks that come with it.

Following on from episode 3, episode 4 features the stunning Astana Residence @ Precinct 8

Consisting of a beautiful collection of luxurious lakeside villas, Astana is truly a sight to behold. The two-and-a-half-storey or three-and-a-half-storey Boutique Villas are located in a secured and charming enclave by Putrajaya Lake.

Watch the full episode below and take a look for yourself:

Here are some of Astana's key features:

1. With six bedrooms, six bathrooms, and an additional makeup room, it's perfect for big families

The space is definitely one of the best things about Astana. The wide and spacious layout ensures that the house feels open instead of cramped, and there's even a private lift to take you and your family members to different floors.

2. The gorgeous, relaxing view will make you forget all your stress and worries

From your home, you'll be able to soak in spectacular, uninterrupted views of the lake vista, which showcases the charming surroundings of Putrajaya Lake.

After a busy, hectic day, you'll feel your stress melt away as you look out at the blue waters and surrounding greenery and feel the gentle breeze brushing your skin. You'll even be treated to a stunning view of the Putrajaya Mosque and the Prime Minister's Office in all their splendour.

3. The uppermost level of Astana homes is where all the fun is, and it makes having guests over effortless

The guest suites, social lounge, and garden are all placed together on the top floor, transforming it into a one-stop entertainment space. Even with guests staying over, you'll be able to enjoy your own privacy.

And as for gatherings, you can effortlessly host intimate and elegant ones on the rooftop, where everyone will have a great time as they look out at the spectacular view of the lake.

4. Enjoy access to tonnes of resident-exclusive facilities at the Club House

All Astana residents will have access to this exclusive Club House.

Designed with a distinctive sheltered rooftop podium, the Club House includes many amazing facilities such as a cantilevered 25-metre infinity pool overlooking Putrajaya lake, a wading pool, a gym, a function room, children's indoor play areas, outdoor playgrounds, and so much more.

Whether you want to kick back and relax or have fun with your family, you can do it all at the Club House.

Not to mention, Astana is also within close proximity to various other recreational activities throughout the Putrajaya area, ranging from casual ones like taking walks in scenic parks to extreme ones like rock climbing and water sports.

Neeta and Ahyat also talk about the importance of understanding the difference between price and value when it comes to buying a home

In short, price is what you pay, while value is what you get. As buyers, we all want to get the best deal—the most value for the most reasonable price. However, it's important to keep in mind that value can be determined based on many different factors.

For example, the location of the property. Putrajaya can be considered as one of the best neighbourhoods in Malaysia. It's beautiful, organised, and prestigious. Not to mention, it's complete with various facilities and amenities, and even has immaculate landscaping.

All these elements will add value to the property you're eyeing, and it's these extra things that will make your house a home. Your home is more than just four walls, it's where you'll create wonderful memories with your family, and that's something you can't put a price on.

Putrajaya Holdings is even offering some great deals on Astana homes. Check them out below:

1. 10% Bumiputera Discount

2. 2% Product Rebate

3. Extra rebate up to 5%
- 2% Rebates (Signing within 21 days)
- 1% Buyer get buyer rebate
- 1% Repeat buyer rebate
- 1% Covid-19 Frontliners rebate

4. Low entry - Commitment Fee of RM3,000 only

5. MOT & Legal Fee waived

6. Silver Jubilee Promo (25% discount) without moratorium for Civil Servants, Statutory Body Employees (including Retirees)*

*Terms and Conditions apply.

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