Mamee Monster Adds A New Black Pepper Flavour To Their OG Range. Nice Anot?

It's been seven years since Mamee Monster released a permanent noodle snack flavour!

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Ehh guysssss, it's been a while since we've had any new flavours for the Mamee Monster noodle snack, kan?

In fact, it's been seven years since Mamee Monster added a permanent noodle snack flavour to their range. So long ago, right? 

Mamee Monster has always been one of our favourite childhood snacks growing up

We would snack on Mamee Monster during birthday parties or even movie nights with our family, and we'd all have our favourite flavours, be it Chicken, Hot & Spicy, or BBQ.

Or, whenever we were hungry during waktu rehat or after school, we'd buy the snack at our school canteen.

And remember all those cool stickers, puzzles, and toys that used to come together with the noodle snacks? It was so fun collecting 'em all! Ahhh, the good ol' days. :')

 Butttt, it'll also be nice to cuba a new noodle snack flavour, right?

Well, we've got good news. The iconic noodle snack brand recently released a brand new flavour — Mamee Monster Black Pepper!

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Most Malaysians love the subtle yet sharp taste of pepper in our food, whether it's a dash of it in our soft boiled eggs, or in the sauce of black pepper chicken chop, yummm!

The best part? The all-new Mamee Monster Black Pepper noodle snack is here to stay!

This means that you won't have to worry about the Mamee Monster Black Pepper noodle snack running out, as it'll always be available to purchase online and in supermarkets to satisfy your snack cravings. Nice lahhh.

In fact, we managed to get our hands on a few packets of the Mamee Monster Black Pepper noodle snack.

We gave it a try and here's our verdict:

Image via SAYS

Appearance-wise, the noodle snack looks darker than other varieties of Mamee Monster that are more on the yellowish side. And if you take a closer look, you can see specks of black pepper on the noodle snacks, oooo. 

Okay, on to the taste test! Upon taking the first bite, we thought that the black pepper flavour was mild, before our noses suddenly felt a tingling sensation. The kind of tingle you get after biting into a spice. 

Then, the peppery heat started to build up in our mouths, which gave a good kick, and is exactly how black pepper should be. :9 

So, our verdict? It's super yummy and addictive!

Image via SAYS

With the black pepper seasoning, the noodle snack packs a flavourful punch that's peppery and savoury. Yums! 

It definitely pays homage to the original snack, but with a good peppery twist. If you love a bit of spice and lots of heat, you confirm can't get enough of the noodle snack! 

Chuppp, that's not all. To celebrate the new noodle snack flavour, Mamee Monster is running a contest, where they're giving away Samsung Galaxy S22 smartphones, as well as cash prizes!

Remember the viral Salt Bae meme? Mamee Monster wants to make it 'Pepper Bae' style! This means pouring the seasoning onto the noodle snack like Salt Bae, hehe. 

Here's what you'll have to do:

STEP 1: Buy the Mamee Monster Black Pepper single or family pack 

STEP 2: Create a video of yourself pouring the seasoning onto the noodle snack Pepper Bae style! 

STEP 3: Post your video on Instagram. Remember to tag @iammameemonster and include #MameeMonsterPepperBaeChallenge in your post. 

The most creative video will win! 

Image via CNET

Check out the prizes you stand to win:

Grand Prize
5 x Samsung Galaxy S22 and Mamee Monster x Samsung phone strap

Weekly Prizes
20 x RM200 cash every week

Terms and conditions apply. For more info on the contest, click here.

So, whatchu waiting for? Get the Mamee Monster Black Pepper noodle snack on Shopee or Lazada today!

You can also Follow and Like Mamee Monster's Facebook and Instagram pages to get the latest updates! 

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The Mamee Monster Noodle Snack Black Pepper campaign is not in any way associated with or endorsed by the original Salt Bae or Mr Nusret Gökçe.

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