This Hot Pot Restaurant In Genting Will Keep You Warm Through The Chilly Weather

From a fresh assortment of broths, cuts, dumplings, and noodles; this hot pot site even grows their own vegetables.

Cover image via Resorts World Genting & World Orgs

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Genting Garden Hotpot is one of the most sought after restaurants by all visitors to Genting Highlands

Opened in 2021, it comes with so many choices, you won't know which one to choose first.

Dining in comfort, you will be receiving the most organic and natural choices for your hot pot

Genting Garden Hotpot provides variety of meat and seafood, including handmade meatballs, premium cuts of meat, and seafood that you can order ala carte or in sets depending on the number of people you'll be eating with.

With a greenhouse adjoined to their restaurant, all of your vegetables will be fresh and crisp for your hot pot.

Window seating is also available for those who would prefer to look at the mountainous views Genting has to offer

From the array of greenery and foliage placed around key areas throughout the restaurant to altered birdcages used as light fixtures, the environment of this hot pot eatery will bring you peace and tranquility while the food warms your stomach through the cold weather of your surroundings.

Image via World Orgs

From greenhouse to your table: choose your greens, meats, sauces, and drinks

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Image via World Orgs
Image via World Orgs
Image via World Orgs

On top of seven different types of soup bases, and 20 kinds of dipping sauces, indulge in the many combinations of food for your personal hot pot cuisine. 

For those looking for some extra warmth, the menu provides different beverages, including Chinese tea, juices, and wines.

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Here's where you can find Genting Garden Hotpot:

Image via World Orgs

Resorts World, Highland Hotel, Level 2, 69000 Genting Highlands, Pahang

Opening hours 
5pm - 11pm (Daily)

To check out their menu, click here.

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