Hello MGAG, McDonald's Spicy Apple Burger Is Spicy Ok? It's Literally In The Name

Is it sweet? Or is it spicy?

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This Spotlight is sponsored by McDonald's Malaysia.

Calling all McDonald's fans! Have you heard the awesome news? McDonald's Malaysia is launching the all-new Spicy Chicken with Apple Slices burger :D

Some people *cough Mgek cough* insist that the Spicy Chicken with Apple Slices burger is sweet, while we think that it's spicy. 

It all started when MGAG posted this meme about the new Spicy Chicken with Apple Slices

Then, of course, we just had to reply because we think it's spicy!

Image via MGAG

After trying it, we obviously had to make a statement of our own. It's definitely spicy, okay?

But it turns out that Mgek thinks the burger tasted sweet? Huhhh, how comeee?

Hmmm... so, which is it? Is it spicy or sweet?

OK, the truth is, the Spicy Chicken with Apple Slices is an explosion of flavour in your mouth. It's both sweet AND spicy!

Savour every bite as you sink your teeth into crunchy sweet apple slices, and a spicy succulent chicken patty topped with black pepper mayo sauce for a little kick.

The fiery combination of spice and pepper is doused by the sweetness of the apple slices that are coated with a generous serving of tangy Japanese mayonnaise. This will definitely help tone the heat in your mouth down a notch (; The spicy and sweet flavours compliment each other so well.

Just feast your eyes on this scrumptious-looking thing:

Twister fries fans, where y'all at?? The best part is that every Spicy Chicken with Apple Slices is paired with a serving of McDonald's delish twister fries :9

Pssst... there are also new desserts in town :D Introducing the Chocolate & Pretzel Bits McFlurry, and the Orange Custard Pie. Mmmmmm~

Ever heard the saying, "An apple a day... lets you win a HUAWEI product every week"?

Okay, we know that's not a thing... but it should be! And now McDonald's is making it a reality :D

You can stand a chance to win a wide array of HUAWEI products worth RM 18,888 whenever you order the Spicy Chicken with Apple Slices!

Here's what you gotta do:
1. Spend a minimum of RM48 on McDelivery in a single receipt.
2. Include at least one Spicy Chicken with Apple Slices or a Double Spicy Chicken with Apple Slices in your order.
3. The most orders per week will win awesome prizes!

Are you excited to try the new Spicy Chicken with Apple Slices? Visit the McDelivery website or McDonald's Drive-Thru to place your order now!

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