Is McD's GCB Worth It Anot? M'sians Rate & Share What They Really Think About The Burger

One Malaysian even tried McDonald's newest Spicy GCB, oooh. :O

Cover image via McDonald's (Facebook) & McDonald's

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You're probably more than aware of McDonald's GCB by now, but have you tried it?

Being the only grilled chicken burger on McDonald's menu for years, the GCB is hard to miss. Having said that, many Malaysians have yet to try it, and it's completely understandable, considering the fact that McDonald's has tonnes of burgers we absolutely adore. 

But the GCB deserves plenty of love too! In fact, you're actually missing out, guys. :P

Not sure if it's worth ordering? Fret not. In collaboration with McDonald's, we asked several Malaysians who tried the burger to rate it and tell us if it was worth it anot:

1. "I like how the buns and chicken patty are long, so I don't finish the burger too quickly and can enjoy it longer"

"The GCB was so good! I've always seen it on the menu, but had always opted for something else.

"But one fine day, I decided to try it, and was left impressed. The burger was filling, and I love the sauce they used. The buns could be more fluffy, but I love the patty — the seasoning of the patty was *chef's kiss*. And the sauce... omg... gempak gile

"TBH, I would rate it a solid 7/10 for the sauce." 

— Nylia

2. "The GCB is great if you want something that feels a little more 'healthy' at McD since it's grilled, but is still tasty"

"The burger has a really juicy chicken patty and a unique peppery sauce.

"For the best experience, I would recommend you eat it at the restaurant though. I would rate it a 7/10 for taste."

— Jeremy

3. "What really stood out in this burger compared to the rest is its sauce"

Image via McDonald's

"I think it was okay when I tried it the first time – tried it because everyone around me during that time was ordering it and wanted to give it a go!

"I think the sauce was really tasty along with the grilled chicken, hehe. Pro tip: if you’re having a takeaway, make sure to eat it as soon as you have it.

"I would rate it a 7/10 overall, 'cause I genuinely prefer beef burgers compared to chicken burgers! But if you were to ask me to order a chicken-related burger, GCB would be my go-to burger."


4. "I tried the Spicy GCB the other day, and what can I say, I was pleasantly surprised by the chicken patty's smoky taste and the spicy sauce"

"First and foremost, let me drop the bomb here — I have never tried McDonald's GCB before. When I saw the new Spicy GCB, however, I was intrigued, as I am a big fan of spicy food. 

"I gave it a shot, and voilà, it is one of my favourite McDonald's burgers now. The chicken patty was juicy (even had chicken skin, okay!) and had a pleasant smoky taste to it. Pair this with the spicy sauce, and I got an absolute kick out of it. 

"NGL, I'm kinda interested in trying the original GCB now. I rate the Spicy GCB 8/10." 

— Solomon 

5. "It's quite big compared to other McDonald's burgers when using the size-to-price ratio"

Image via McDonald's

"Taste-wise, this burger was pretty nice since it had a sauce unique to the McDonald's burger roster. The patty was chicken thigh meat, so it was quite juicy compared to conventional burgers. 

"The sauce had a pleasant taste that complimented the juicy chicken meat. I rate this a 7 or 8 out of 10 because it tasted delicious and didn't feel too dry." 

— Henry

6. "The patty stood out 'cause it was legit meat meat"

"Errr my first impression: it's a McD burger lol. But what stood out was the sauce! It was fragrant and smokey.

"The sauce was good. A tad peppery — blended well with the grilled chicken patty (not really a patty but more like grilled meat). I was surprised to find grilled chicken skin that really contributed to the aroma. The chicken was tender and wasn't dry to bite (ya know, sometimes the patty can be a little on the dry side). Could've had more lettuce but I guess that's my own preference.

"I think I'll give it a 9/10. I would order this again 'cause the patty is different from other burgers I have had from McD!"

— Xavier

So, are you keen to try the burger now? Well, the good news is that GCB is a permanent menu item, so you can order and enjoy it anytime. ;)

The GCB is truly an unconventional burger you must try — the burger features a juicy chicken thigh, fresh lettuce, and tantalising chargrilled sauce, tucked between two fluffy buns, mmmm!

So, for those looking to try something different, McDonald's GCB would make a nice meal.

That's not all! McDonald's has also brought back two long-awaited menu items, omggggg.

What exactly are the items, you wonder? ;)

They are the Choco Bits McFlurry made with Hershey's and Cookies & Cream Pie made with OREO crumbs! Nice lahhhh.

So, whether you're looking for a crunchy and creamy pie as an afternoon snack or something chocolate-y and cold for dessert, McDonald's has got your back. :9 

Image via McDonald's

Hungry already? Just place an order via McDelivery, or head over to your nearest McDonald's Drive-Thru outlet today!

Psst, if you haven't already, download the McDonald's app so you don't miss out on exclusive features and promos. ;)

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