Japan Is Now Selling Crab Ice Cream. You Decide If It's Crab-Tastic Or Absolutely Claw-Ful

Warning: Crab-by puns up ahead.

Cover image via Japan Today

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Ah yes, Japan. The land of soy sauce, wasabi, and miso ice cream.

One would think they couldn't possibly come up with weirder ice cream combinations right?

Well, they seem to have outdone themselves this time by releasing their latest and arguably weirdest ice cream concoction yet: crab ice cream. And it has us shell-shocked.

According to Japan Today, the strange ice cream was launched by Japan's most popular crab restaurant, Kani Doraku, famous for their giant, moving robotic crab that sits at the entrance of every chain across Japan.

The iconic giant robotic crab of the Kani Doraku restaurant in Shinjuku.

Image via AshelyT3/Trip Advisor

You may love ice cream. You may love crab too. But how about both of them together?

In case you missed it, see how we have refrained from labelling crab as a flavour because it's not crab-flavoured. This ice cream straight-up has large chunks of crab meat embedded in soft, salty vanilla ice cream!

Image via Japan Today

The ice cream was created in conjunction with the start of sanni matsuba, the crab season in Japan, which occurs between the months of November and March

The ice cream is said to contain fresh crab meat that was caught off the Northeast shores of Honshu island, while the vanilla ice cream component is salted with sea salt from the Christmas Islands of the Republic of Kiribati.

Well, at least now we know the ice cream isn't going to be claw-yingly sweet (geddit?).

According to a press release from Kani Doraku, this questionable dessert apparently took two years to create and the creators are confident that this ice cream will win many skeptics over.

"The most difficult part was figuring out how to combine the flavour of crab with vanilla ice cream... We're confident that it [the ice cream] is delicious beyond your imagination," the establishment said.

Image via Japan Today

The ice cream was released on Sunday, 6 November, and is now available for purchase

This ice cream will have you shell-ing out JPY500 (RM16.10) for one cup of ice cream. A small price to pay for a moment of pure disgust, confusion, or bliss.

So, if you're in the area or planning to visit Japan, why not head over to Kani Doraku's main branch in Osaka? The ice cream will be located at the souvenir section of the establishment.

Check out the full address of the restaurant below:


Osaka-fu, Osaka-shi, Chuo-ku, Dotonbori 1-6-18

Opening hours
11am - 10pm (Daily)

You can check out the restaurant's website here.

Kani Doraku's main branch located in Osaka, Japan.

Image via AroiMakMak

In terms of what netizens thought about the ice cream, it was a case of the good...

Image via Instagram

...and the disgusted

Image via Instagram

We think we'll just side-walk away from this ice cream

Image via @bbcearth/GIPHY

The ice cream slander has to stop:

In October, a Redditor posted a photo of a "roti prata" they had at a Singaporean chain restaurant in the US and it was not it:

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