Netizens Amused By 'Roti Telur' Made By S'porean Restaurant In US

"That's not roti telur, that's roti dengan telur."

Cover image via u/SC2_StorM (Reddit) & WiffleGif

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A Reddit post recently caught the attention of the Internet for detailing a rather interesting version of roti prata that a netizen ordered from a Singaporean restaurant in the US

The customer wrote that they ordered a roti prata with a side of curry, and decided to add an egg after learning the option was available.

Thinking that they would get something akin to a roti telur, it seemed that the restaurant had other ideas.

Roti telur, a popular dish in Malaysia and Singapore made of flaky pan-fried dough with an egg mixed into its many layers, typically looks like this:

Image via Seasaltwithfood

But this is what the customer got instead:

The customer was rather tickled by the sight of the unusual version of the dish which looked like the restaurant punched a hole in the middle of the roti prata to nestle a sunny-side-up egg inside

"I don't know, it was so funny to me because they cut a hole in the [roti] prata to put the egg inside. Never seen that before," the original poster quipped.

They went on to describe the other component of the dish — the curry. Now, for context, the curry that is typically served with roti prata is spicy and usually looks like this:

Roi prata with a side of mutton curry.

Image via Burpple

And this...well, this curry looks rather 'unauthentic' to say the least:

The Redditor described the curry as tasting "sweet" and confirmed that it was very different from the curry one can get back in Singapore.

However, they lamented that this is the standard of food one has to deal with when they are in a foreign country.

Taste aside, the customer also revealed the price of the dish which may or may not be upsetting some

According to the original poster, the roti prata with curry was USD6 (RM30) and the egg add-on cost them USD2 (RM10).

They also rated the experience at the restaurant a 7.5 out of 10 if one was a foreigner tasting local Singaporean or Malaysian food, but a five out of 10 if a Southeast Asian person were to eat there.

Many netizens had lots to say about the strange looking meal, and some certainly did not mince their words

Some said that the curry looked like lontong, mustard, and even what comes out of a newborn baby (if you know what we mean).

Image via Reddit

Others were rather apprehensive with the roti prata itself and speculated that it wasn't freshly made.

Image via Reddit

Netizens also wanted to know what the name of the restaurant was, but the original poster chose not to reveal it since they wished for its success in the US.

However, they did hint that it was a Singaporean chain popular in the motherland.

Image via Reddit

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