We Tried The New Tealive 'Ramen' Drink And Here's Our Verdict

When you can't decide between ramen and milk tea.

Cover image via Alia Kamelia/SAYS

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Tealive just released pudding drinks that look like ramen with egg and we weren't sure how to feel about it :P

So, we decided to go to the nearest Tealive outlet and try it for ourselves

We got the Caramel Pudding Ramen Milk Tea priced at RM10.20 and the Caramel Pudding Ramen Smoothie priced at RM12.17. The smoothie is only available in size large, while we only ordered size medium for the milk tea.

Up close, it actually looks like a bowl of ramen and egg, except it's actually only ramen-shaped pudding and egg gummy. When we arrived at the office, everyone was super shocked because they thought we had put actual ramen in milk tea. 

No, none of it is actually ramen-flavoured (we don't know if we're grateful or disappointed)

As for the taste, the Caramel Pudding Ramen Milk Tea tastes just like the original milk tea but with caramel pudding toppings.

For the Caramel Pudding Ramen Smoothie, it has a sweet aftertaste of caramel. Personally, I tasted a little bit of coconut in it as well. For those who have a sweet tooth, this smoothie is great for those sugar cravings.

In terms of the egg gummy, it's chewy and most importantly, it's not actually egg-flavoured. :P 

Curious? Head to your nearest Tealive outlet to give it a try!

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