Y'all, Have You Seen The Mysterious Silhouette On The McDonald's App. What's Going On?!

New burger? New sauce? We can't wait to find out!

Cover image via Smartmockups (Edited by SAYS)

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This Spotlight is sponsored by McDonald's.

Guys, have y'all noticed a mysterious silhouette in the McD app? Oooooo, intriguing!

Today, 8 November, a silhouette suddenly appeared in the app, jeng jeng jeng! Puzzling many Malaysians, it seems to show the shadowy outline of a burger.

Also in the image are the words 'You've discovered our NEW Gempak Gem!'. Hmmm, whatchu up to, McD?

Go check out the McD app if you haven't already!

Could it be a new burger? A new sauce? Or something totally unexpected?

Image via Tenor

Whatever it is, we can't wait for the secret to be revealed! Knowing McD, whatever the new menu is, it will definitely be something we all love. :D

Stay tuned to the McDonald's app, website, Facebook, and Instagram for more updates on this mysterious new menu!

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