We Asked M'sians To Review Mekdi's Nasi Lemak With Ayam Goreng McD. What's Their Verdict?

"I'm a big nasi lemak fan, but surprisingly, I've not tried Nasi Lemak McD."

Cover image via Tamara Jayne (Provided to SAYS) & Viral Cham

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There's no denying that Malaysians love their nasi lemak, right?

Image via VOCKET

It's undoubtedly a Malaysian favourite, and for good reasons: the rich coconut rice, fiery and sweet sambal, fried crispy anchovies, and toasted peanuts, mmmm. 

An authentic nasi lemak has all of those yummy factors, but we've also seen various side dishes and condiments paired with it over time. This includes chicken and beef rendang, fried egg, fried chicken, curry, and more. What a spread, right? :9 

With the national dish being such a wholesome meal, it's little wonder why Malaysians enjoy having it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even supper. ;) 

In fact, even fast food chains like McDonald's Malaysia have the national dish on their menu

The best part? You can enjoy McDonald's Nasi Lemak McD together with their iconic Ayam Goreng McD, mmmm. 

That's right. Juicy, spicy, cripsy, and uniquely Malaysian, the Ayam Goreng McD, paired with the Nasi Lemak McD, is just oh-so-good.  

But with nasi lemak being a staple dish, how does McDonald's Nasi Lemak McD fare on its own?  

We asked a few Malaysians — most of whom dub themselves "nasi lemak connoisseurs" — to taste test McDonald's Nasi Lemak McD and Ayam Goreng McD.

Here's what they said:

1. Hafiz considers himself a big nasi lemak fan — he eats it at least once every week

Image via SAYS

"I'm a big nasi lemak fan, but surprisingly, I've not tried Nasi Lemak McD. It's good. The nasi lemak taste is very prominent. The sambal is just the right amount of spicy but a tad bit sweet for me. I usually prefer less sweet sambal because I'm a huge spicy and savoury food fan. On the contrary, however, the sambal is my favourite part of the dish.

"Pair the nasi lemak with the Spicy Ayam Goreng McD, and I think it's a very spicy dish. I think the ayam is already spicy enough that you can still get a satisfying meal even if you don't have sambal," he said.

Hafiz rated the Nasi Lemak McD 7.5 out of 10.

Image via Viral Cham

2. Jasmine eats nasi lemak very frequently — about three to four times a week to be exact

Image via SAYS

When asked about her overall thoughts, Jasmine said, "I'm pleasantly surprised. I like it. The fried chicken has a lot of flavour and complements the sambal and the rice nicely. There are no peanuts, though, so slash one point!

"The rice is good and my favourite part of the dish — it's fluffy, not lumpy. The sambal has a good amount of heat — it's not too sweet, but more on the savoury side.

"I like the chicken a lot. I like the crispiness of the skin — it has a good crunch."

Jasmine rated the Nasi Lemak McD 8.5 out of 10.

Image via Viral Cham

3. Meanwhile, Firdaus loves tucking into a good plate of nasi lemak whenever he is lazy to cook

Image via SAYS

"The sambal is nice. I did not expect Mekdi to serve good sambal — it's spicy and sweet, and complements the Ayam Goreng McD well.

"The rice has a nice touch of coconut milk. It's not overpowering, so that's good — otherwise, it would not have paired well with the Ayam Goreng McD and sambal," said Firdaus.

Firdaus rated the Nasi Lemak McD 7 out of 10.

Image via Viral Cham

4. When asked if she's a nasi lemak lover, Tammy excitedly and wholeheartedly exclaimed, "YES!"

"I think the nasi and sambal are exactly how I like it. Fragrant and not squishy rice, as well as not too sweet or spicy sambal. Just nice.

"It's definitely filling, haha. I like that there's Ayam Goreng McD with it, but I'm okay without it — just the nasi lemak on its own hits all the right taste buds when you're craving it," she said.

Tammy rated the Nasi Lemak McD 7 out of 10

Image via Viral Cham

So, overall, is McDonald's Nasi Lemak McD paired with Ayam Goreng McD worth it?

These Malaysians said yes, and personally, we'd give it a score of 8/10. :P

Still not convinced? Check out this short ad by Mekdi that is sure to make you crave the national dish right now, mmmm: 

So, whatchu waiting for? Head over to your nearest McDonald's outlet, DriveThru, or order via McDelivery for some delicious Nasi Lemak McD with Ayam Goreng McD today!

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