[VIDEO] Millennial Shares Food Struggles You Can Confirm Relate To & How She Solved Them

To better eating habits this new year!

Cover image via SAYS (YouTube)

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As millennials, we're constantly on the go and always trying to find that perfect work-life balance, which means it can be easy to slip into an unhealthy lifestyle

A busy millennial herself, Iylia found herself stuck with unhealthy habits such as skipping meals and not exercising, especially when she was staying home during the MCO. Having had enough, she decided to do a total 180 and make a change in her lifestyle.

Watch the video below to see how she did it, and learn some tips and tricks on how you can make a change in your daily habits too:

1. Instead of constantly snacking throughout the day and not eating proper meals (relatable, kan?), Iylia now sets a routine for herself and makes sure to follow it. You go, girl!

Iylia: "Now, my morning will always consist of a short workout and a cup of instant porridge to start my day. It takes just two minutes to prepare, you can just watch a few TikToks and it's literally ready to eat."

2. Tapau-ing food or ordering delivery all the time can get pretty expensive, especially if you're opting for healthier meals.

That's why Iylia decided to set a budget for herself, and start cooking at home more.

Iylia: "I did switch over to healthier options like Poke bowls, but they're always so expensive, each meal is about 25 bucks. I've since been limiting myself to only spending like less than 50 bucks a week on food, so I get a lot of my ingredients from the grocery store."

3. Okay lah, we gotta still allow ourselves to indulge in our fave treats once in a while, right? Hehe! Snacks and K-drama, anyone?

Iylia: "After work, my evenings and night usually just consists of K-drama. I LOVE K-DRAMAS! I believe that being healthy isn't just physical, it's mentally too. And if I don't satisfy a craving, it's like I'm restricting myself.

"My favourite supper or snack to go along with my midnight K-dramas under the sheets is Knorr's Instant Pasta!"

4. A great hack that Iylia discovered is to take advantage of big sales like 11.11 and 12.12 to stock up on food. That way, you get to enjoy delicious eats at affordable prices, yay! :D

Iylia: "1.1, 2.2, 9.9, 11.11, it never stops. I cannot get enough of it, and it kinda feels like the deals just keep getting better after every month.

"I do always stock up on household items, and stock up on snacks, and even MORE Knorr! Because there's always discounts, I just stock up for about a month's worth, and then I wait for the next sale."

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