This Hidden Back Alley Café In KL Looks Like A Little 'Kampung' In The City

Where the chickens roam free.

Cover image via @yvonnesoo (Instagram) & @t.w.k._ (Instagram)

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Tucked away in a back lane in the heart of KL is an entrance that opens up into a little garden with a café and bar

Curiousity Iron River is an unassuming space that probably appeals to the most curious of hearts. 

It's like entering into a different era, with antique furniture and rustic decorations placed all around — a quaint escape away from the busy city life. 

There are several chicks (the 'bok bok' kind) either chilling or wandering around the area

You can enjoy your meal at the outdoor seating area, surrounded with lots of plants...

... and might even forget that you're in KL city.

The indoors is like a unique combination of a traditional medicine shop and a grandparents' home

You'll find vintage sofa sets, bar stools, even several cheongsams, and other eclectic decorations and furniture around the room.

At night, the space gets lit up with neon lights for a different vibe. And on occasion, you can catch live music here as well.

Customers recommend going for the ambience, as the space is pretty Instaworthy. Food-wise, the petai fried rice and sambal petai pizza seem to be the most popular choices. 

Here's where Curiousity Iron River is located:

138 Jalan Sungai Besi,
57100 Chan Sow Lin,
Kuala Lumpur

Opening hours
10am – 11pm (Daily)
Closed on Mondays.

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