This Convenience Store Serves Salted Egg Yolk Ice Cream With Gold Glitter For Only RM2.90

Oh, and they serve charcoal ice cream too.

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Salted egg yolk in food seems like the trend that’s here to stay

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We’ve had it in burgers, cronuts, chips, churros, and now you can now eat salted egg yolk as an icy treat at this convenience store chain called, or MiX in short.

Served in a charcoal cone, the ice cream is available for a limited time only at selected MiX outlets in Malaysia and priced at only RM2.90 each

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While salted egg yolk is usually a savoury flavour, MiX’s goes delightfully well with cream and sugar.

Besides the salted egg yolk, they’re also introducing a charcoal flavour if salted egg yolk is not your thing. It tastes a little like vanilla, but with a nice dense feel.

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If you’re indecisive, you can have BOTH flavours swirled into one cone!

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And if you’re not already sold, all flavours are topped off with GOLD GLITTER, because convenient store ice creams can be Insta-worthy too

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Aside from soft serve, MiX also prides itself in offering some of the widest variety of snacks and goodies imported from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Indonesia

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Since opening its first outlet in PJ, the convenience store chain has expanded to 16 outlets across Malaysia. Check out the full list of locations here.

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