From PERi-honey Yuzu Wings To Chicken Bowls, You'll Want These New Nando's Items Everyday!

Each dish is made with a touch of PERi-PERi magic!

Cover image via Nandos's

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Hey, Nando's lovers! Ready for some mouth-watering news?

Nando's has introduced a selection of new menu items, each infused with their signature PERi-PERi flavour. These delectable dishes are perfect for everyday eats, with a variety of options available below RM20. This exciting new lineup caters to those who want something quick, easy, and delicious while still having a satisfying meal for their stomach and their wallets!

Here's a look at Nando's new mouthwatering menu items:

1. One of the highlights of the new menu is the PERi-honey Chicken Thigh Bowl

Image via Nando's

The bowl features juicy thighs marinated in the irresistible PERi-honey Yuzu, topped on a bed of Mediterranean Rice, with a side of edamame and a chilli pepper.

Priced at just RM20.90, this dish is not only hearty and satisfying, but also budget-friendly. Perfect for those on the go, it combines all the deliciousness of a Nando's chicken meal with two sides into one convenient and delectable bowl.

2. Next up is the PERi-mac & cheese. Not your average mac and cheese, Nando's has taken this classic comfort food and given it a PERi-PERi makeover.

Image via Nando's

Priced at RM17.90, this dish features creamy macaroni and cheese topped with PERi- crumbs & Cheese Crisps, adding a delightful crunch and a hint of heat. It's the ultimate comfort food with a kick.

3. If you're looking for something savoury and satisfying, the PERi-crackle Chicken Bowl is the way to go

Image via Nando's

This dish combines tender pulled PERi-PERi chicken with spicy rice and a generous topping of crunchy PERi-crackle. Priced at RM17.90, it's a flavourful and filling meal perfect for any occasion.

Plus, this meal lets you choose between rice or noodles. The bowl offers three options for you to enjoy your PERi-crackle Chicken Bowl with — Mediterranean Rice, Spicy Rice, or noodles.

4. Nando's wings are always a hit, and the new PERi-honey Yuzu Wings and PERi-crackle Wings are no exception

Image via Nando's

These wings burst with flavour and come in either four-piece or six-piece portions, priced at RM15.90 and RM21.90 respectively. What sets them apart is their unique blend of spicy and sour sensations. Picture perfectly cooked PERi-honey coated chicken wings infused with a rich yuzu aroma, and paired with calamansi for an extra sour kick!

And don't miss out on their PERi-crackle wings, offering a crunchy symphony of toasted sesame, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, garlic, shallots, and the legendary PERi-PERi sauce.

Whether you're sharing with friends or enjoying a quick snack, these wings are sure to please.

5. No meal is complete without dessert, and Nando's has introduced Bolo & Bola, an authentic Portuguese dessert duo

Image via Nando's

The Bolo de Arroz, a sweet rice muffin, and the Bola de Berlim, a custard-filled doughnut, are the perfect sweet endings to your PERi-PERi meal. These special treats are available for just RM9.90 per set.

Whatchu waiting for? Feeling hungry already? Head over to your nearest Nando's now to savour these new PERi-PERi dishes!

For more details, visit Nando's Malaysia or follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

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