[VIDEO] 38-Year-Old M'sian Chef Finds Success Selling Nasi Lemak In Shanghai

He sells plain nasi lemak for 35 yuan (RM23) and nasi lemak with fried chicken for 52 yuan (RM34).

Cover image via @eatai786 (TikTok)

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Sharizan Mohd Rafi Kanan, a 38-year-old Malaysian cook fondly known as Chef Shah, has achieved remarkable success since opening a nasi lemak restaurant in Shanghai, China

In a four-minute TikTok video posted by Chinese Halal foodie @eatai786, Chef Shah said that he has lived in China for the past 15 years.

Since relocating to the country, he has opened two successful restaurants in Shanghai: Secret Flavor and Secret Flavor Nasi Lemak.

At Secret Flavor, he tantalises taste buds with authentic Malaysian dishes such as laksa and fish head curry, winning over both locals and expats.

Chef Shah also operates Secret Flavor Nasi Lemak, a popular restaurant solely dedicated to the beloved Malaysian dish.

He runs the nasi lemak restaurant with the help of his younger brother, who assists in preparing the daily ingredients in the kitchen, ensuring that every dish served maintains the highest quality.

Secret Flavor Nasi Lemak sells an average of 400 packs of nasi lemak a day

The chef also emphasised that he only uses halal-certified ingredients, carefully sourced from China, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore.

"There are many Halal food suppliers in China, so Malaysians don't have to worry about the halal status of our food when they visit," he said.

Chef Shah offers plain nasi lemak for 35 yuan (RM23) and nasi lemak with fried chicken for 52 yuan (RM34)

"The people in Shanghai now really love nasi lemak after I taught them how to enjoy this dish.

"I also made short videos to introduce them to my country, Malaysia, and the history behind the nasi lemak dish," he said.

Watch the full video here:

@eatai786 The best Nasi Lemak in shanghai china. My friend Chef Shah a Malaysian who’s promoting Nasi Lemak and Teh Tarik in China.@secretflavorshanghai #eat #chinesemuslim - EatAiHalalFoodie

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