Indian Malaysians Become Big Hit In China For Their Flying Roti Canai & Fluent Mandarin

Many Chinese customers were stunned to discover that they could also speak in the Chongqing dialect.

Cover image via momo (Xiaohongshu) & 小甜甜 (Xiaohongshu)

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A pair of Malaysians are going viral for their roti canai flipping skills and fluent Mandarin in the city of Chongqing of southwestern China

In multiple videos on Chinese social media platform Xiaohongshu, the two Malaysians can be seen tossing dough high into the air and serving up countless bowls of tasty-looking roti canai from the griddle.

The extensive menu behind them shows that they sell an assortment of flavours, from banana, pineapple, and durian-topped roti to plain roti with Indian curry, and even spicy mala egg roti.

The roti canai is priced from 25 to 35 yuan (RM16 to RM23) each, depending on the toppings.

Stylised into street food, their roti is served in a paper bowl and cut into pieces.

However, what has caught the attention of most customers is the two chefs' proficiency in Mandarin, especially in the Chongqing dialect

"At first, I was worried we couldn't communicate. I didn't think the boss' Mandarin would be better than mine! He even had the Chongqing accent," said an impressed netizen who patronised the eatery.

The customer added that she was happy with the roti, mostly because of the chefs' friendly camaraderie while making her food.

"How is he so skilled?" reads the caption of a Xiaohongshu video.

Image via 小甜甜 (Xiaohongshu)

It is learnt that the duo from Wangsa Maju moved to China a year ago in search of better business opportunities

According to a video compilation by Oriental Daily, the Malaysians are actually brothers-in-law.

"We came here to make more money. In Malaysia, cannot get money lah, here can," the head chef responds candidly in Malay to a fellow Malaysian who stumbled upon his stall.

"He's my wife's younger brother," he added when another customer inquired if they are related.

The 'Flying Indian Roti (印度飞饼)' stall is located along the popular walking streets of Ciqikou, an ancient town in Chongqing that draws throngs of tourists daily.

Watch a video of the Malaysians in action here:

Here are other Malaysians who sold local food after moving abroad:

Three years ago, a restaurant in Melbourne was looking to hire a roti canai chef for RM17,100:

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