Old Chang Kee Explains What Curry Puff Dots Mean After Customer Asks If Food Was Spoilt

Everybody learns new things every day.

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For a while now, many stall owners and pastry shops have used coloured dots as a way to differentiate fillings in pastries and paus

But just because it's common knowledge to a lot of people, it isn't necessarily the same for all, especially for those who are unfamiliar with the brand.

A customer in Singapore recently went viral after thinking that her curry puffs from Old Chang Kee were spoilt because of the green dots on them

She also included photos of the puffs:

In the Facebook post that has since been deleted, the customer wrote:

"Bought these new launched 'chicken mushroom pie' from VivoCity branch today. Got a shock to see these green little dots on the pie. Not sure what are them and if they are spoilt? I bought the same from Junction 8 yesterday, and they don't have these greenish dots! (sic)"

Old Chang Kee then responded, explaining that the green dots indicate their 'Chicken Mushroom'O' flavour

But not before others shared their own cheeky replies:

Jumping on the bandwagon, the Singapore curry puff maker announced a new 11.11 promotion on 3 November

The photo shows different coloured dots on curry puffs and what each colour represents.

- No dot is 'Curry'O'
- Red dot is 'Sardine'O'
- Green dot is 'Chicken Mushroom'O'

They also included a fun fact: "Curry puffs are 'dotted' with different colours, for easy identification on the fillings inside the puff. So please be assured that the puffs are safe to eat."

A quick check on Old Chang Kee Malaysia's Facebook page shows that the same colour coding practice is used at their branches in Malaysia.

You can check out a screenshot of the post below:

Here's what different coloured dots represent on paus in Malaysia:

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