Not Sure What Gift To Get This Christmas? Check Out Oloiya's Premium Bacon Bak Kwa Bundles

Your gift will confirm stand out this year. ;)

Cover image via Oloiya (Provided to SAYS)

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This Spotlight is sponsored by Oloiya. 

Running out of Christmas gift ideas? Oloiya has got you covered with their premium bacon bak kwa meats, all wrapped up in cute festive boxes! <3

This year, Oloiya is celebrating the jolly season with their Twice the Sizzle campaign, which will see the launch of two delectable bacon flavours — the retitled Classic Premium Pork Bacon Bak Kwa and the Spanish Olive Pork Bacon Bak Kwa.

Available for a limited time only, these premium bak kwa gift bundles are the perfect gifts for friends and family. Plus, they make a yummy addition to any Christmas feast, mmm!

The best part is that Oloiya is having limited-time promos for these porky festive bundles

Here's a look at the bundles:

Twice the Sizzle bundle
- 1 x 150g Classic Premium Pork Bacon Bak Kwa
- 1 x 150g Spanish Olive Pork Bacon Bak Kwa
Bundle Price: RM64.60 RM62

Twice the Fun bundle
- 2 x 150g Classic Premium Pork Bacon Bak Kwa
- 2 x 150g Spanish Olive Pork Bacon Bak Kwa
Bundle Price: RM124 RM113

Here's a closer look at each bacon bak kwa meat:

1. Classic Premium Pork Bacon Bak Kwa — RM28.80 (150g)

Previously known as the Blooming Beauty Bak Kwa, Oloiya is relaunching their signature bacon bak kwa as the Classic Premium Pork Bacon Bak Kwa.

It's the same taste and aroma you love, but with a new look and name!

Using imported pork from the borders of France and the key port of Sant Vicenç de Torello, this bacon bak kwa offers a distinct flavour and aroma that can be enjoyed on its own or paired with any dish.  

2. Spanish Olive Pork Bacon Bak Kwa — RM35.70 (150g)

Using Elpozo Olive pork belly, where the pig's feed contains olive oil, this unique bacon bak kwa is juicy, crispy, and full of flavours. 

It's marinated with sugar, trehalose, soy sauce, fish gravy, and honey, making the bacon both sweet and savoury — perfect for elevating your Christmas meals! 

All in all, you can bet that these bacon bak kwas will make excellent gifts for your loved ones this Christmas, bringing twice the sizzle and twice the fun!

You can purchase the porky Christmas bundles at your nearest Oloiya outlet, website, Shopee, or Lazada!

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