FamilyMart Is Now Selling Belgian Dark Chocolate Soft Serve And Milkshake

We tasted them and here's what we think.

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FamilyMart may be done with its Mediterannean sea salt soft serve flavour, but it has shown no signs of slowing down.

Behold, the Belgian Dark Chocolate sofuto!

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The new flavour, which was released in FamilyMart outlets today, 28 August, already has people lining up like crazy (we saw for ourselves lah okay). :D

You can enjoy the ice cream with a regular or chocolate cone.

If you're a massive chocolate lover, I'd recommend getting the chocolate cone for that added 'umph'.

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For RM3.90, you can get the soft serve at all FamilyMart outlets, except for MRT TTDI

Outlets at klia2 and Resort World Genting are selling the ice cream for RM4.90.

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Overall, the taste is rich for its price, considering that most ice cream parlours tend to sell Belgian dark chocolate soft serve for double or triple the cost.

Although it is about RM1 pricier than FamilyMart's previous sofutos, this is a good mid-range ice cream for the dark chocolate flavour.

In addition, FamilyMart also upgraded its sofuto by introducing milkshakes!

The milkshakes are RM7.90 per cup and come in two flavours: Belgian dark chocolate and matcha.

The milkshakes are served at all FamilyMart stores, with the exception of MRT TTDI outlet only selling the matcha flavour.

We recommend leaving the ice cream in the milkshake to melt a little to enjoy a fuller taste.

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