What Is Kam Heong, Actually? Here Are The Origins Of The Iconic Malaysian Dish

A signature dish in our country, kam heong is a perfect mix of savoury spices and fresh aromatics.

Cover image via Seismik Makan (YouTube) & Asian Food Network

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There's no denying that Malaysia is blessed with a bounty of delicious food

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From hawker centres and mamaks to cute cafés and classy restaurants, our noses are always on the trail for good food. Sometimes literally, hehehe!

We've all been there — deciding on a place to eat, solely from the yummy smells that come wafting through. Or, when you get takeout and your food order causes you to salivate all the way home, hehe.

Either way, our noses sure can pick up good food! :P

One beloved local dish that perfectly encapsulates Malaysian flavours on a plate is kam heong stir-fry

This dish is certainly no stranger to most Malaysians.

While it works well with multiple types of protein, you'll typically find chicken or fish cooked in kam heong style and served with white rice for a simple, everyday fare. You've also probably ordered kam heong lala or crab when dining out with family.

Since Malaysia is a culturally rich and diverse country, our cuisine has naturally followed suit.

With a stir-fry like kam heong, you'll get to taste a uniquely Malaysian mouthful that draws upon the various cultures we're blessed with, all at once!

Originating from right here in Malaysia, kam heong certainly lives up to its name, which means golden fragrance in Cantonese

A signature dish in our country, kam heong is a perfect mix of savoury spices and fresh aromatics that impart a delicious fragrance you'll be able to sniff from a mile away.

It incorporates ingredients from various cultures and races, consisting of kitchen staples like dried shrimp, lemongrass, curry leaves, shallots, oyster sauce, and more.

In a way, you could say that kam heong is a wonderful culinary representation of our multi-cultural society, as it was Malaysia's beautiful mix of cultures that led to the creation of this cooking style

In an interview, chef Andy Lau of The Regent Chinese Cuisine in Kuala Lumpur said, "It represents our multicultural society incorporated in one dish.

"Aside from traditional Chinese ingredients brought by the early Chinese settlers, you have curry leaves and fish curry powder, with its blend of aniseed, coriander, and turmeric, pointing to an Indian influence, while herbs like lemongrass and torch ginger are reminiscent of Malay cuisine."

It is this combination of ingredients from various cultures, together with the wok stir-frying method that is common in Chinese cooking, that makes kam heong a uniquely Malaysian cooking style.

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