This Urban Eatery Boasts A Giant Ficus Tree And Fervent Flavours With A Modern Flare

Bask in the naturalistic ambience that still maintains an element of luxury and elegance.

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Tucked away from the busy base of KLCC comes a contemporary restaurant with a laidback and comforting vibe in Bukit Ceylon

Located on the ground floor of Ramada Suites by Wyndham KLCC, this eatery was previously known as "Hugo's", the converging spot for salsa lovers all over the town. But after COVID-19 hit the country in tenfold, the founding father of this beloved restaurant had to rethink the ideas that contributed to a successful machine that lost some steam during the pandemic.

Seeking out something fresh that focused more on the dining experience for their patrons, it was time to head back to basics. On 2 October 2021, Blu Apron was born!

Image via SAYS
Image via SAYS

Named after the classic denim apron that chefs around the world know far too well, a newfound fascination with the foodsmiths' craft inspired the spirit of this restaurant.

Influenced by a bright and cheerful ambience, the handmade murals across the walls of Blu Apron include positive messages, and a calming feel that somehow conveys detail and precision without looking artificial.

This includes the giant artificial Ficus tree that stands tall as the centrepiece of the restaurant, and the cascading frondescence splashed across the bar area too.

Image via SAYS
Image via SAYS

Taking in the display, we were thrilled by the murals of birds drawn on the ceilings, creating a certain level of cohesion between the artwork and the overall theme of the restaurant that basked in green pastures. Teasing a Michelangelo of feathered flock, it was certainly an intriguing standout of the bunch.

The al fresco dining area is just as comfortable as the indoor seating section. More casual and relaxed, there's a designated carpet grass area that's perfect for Instagrammers looking for their next photo-taking session.

Image via SAYS
Image via SAYS

Overall, Blu Apron's current capacity fits approximately 80 pax indoors, and an additional 40 pax outdoors. Catering to private parties and events, the open layout of the restaurant allows partitioning certain areas if you want a more intimate setting.

Awhile back, we had the opportunity to visit this lovely nook and determine if the mesmerising interior matched their flavour palette

Opening with a classic Mushroom Soup (RM15), this humble bowl consisted of sautéed mushrooms, cream, and truffle oil, topped off with a crisp piece of garlic bread. Biting into the baton of bread, it had an amazing crunch with a generous layer of salt and savoy coated on the top. 

As for the soup, the overall texture was more fine as supposed to being grainy. Though the heavy traces of mushroom were undeniable, the bowl was not overwhelming. Slurping it down within seconds, this soup is definitely a refined version worthy of a trip to Bukit Ceylon

We then continued with an item from the 'Snack' menu, the Chicken Tenders (RM22). Served with two sides of honey mustard and spicy mayonnaise, the strips were golden brown and had a good exterior crunch. However, the pieces were rather dry on the inside, missing the element of moist delectability we were searching for. 

Nonetheless, the serving of the tenders were plenty in portion, with eight cutlets that's mighty generous for a snack platter.

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Moving to their main dishes, we tasted both burger options on the menu of Blu Apron.

We began with the Smashed Double Cheese Burger (RM42), which consisted of a smashed beef patty coated in cheddar cheese between two brioche burger buns, and a side of french fries. Rich in every sense of the word, one bite into this creation sent us soaring into a cheesy heaven. Be warned that the creamy cheese could get your fingers messy if you choose to eat with your hands.

The Grilled Cajun Chicken Burger (RM38) on the other hand was similar in layout to the Smashed Double Chicken burger, substituting the patty for a grilled chicken breast, and a serving of cajun fries instead of french fries. Cutting through like butter, the grilled chicken had all the juice we sought out for in a succulent slab of meat. Packing a good punch, the marinated exterior married nicely with the tenderness and warmth within.

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Edging out the rest of the dishes came a Goliath in the Spaghetti Seafood Aglio Olio (RM32). We'd be the first to admit that an aglio olio variation doesn't usually reach a peak due to the relative ease in creating this Italian classic. Nonetheless, the elevation in essence and seasoning bumped it to be the sure winner of the bunch.

A mixed seafood combination, Blu Apron was generous in proportioning bits of shrimp, squid circles, and mussels. Tossed in a mix of olive oil, chilli flakes, and cherry tomatoes, the pasta was soft and delicate, springing into our mouths with savoury delight. Topped off with parmesan cheese, the sharp flavours of the dish amalgamated beautifully to create a harmony of tastes and textures.

If you're planning a trip to Blu Apron soon, this is an item you absolutely cannot leave off your order.

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Closing off our tasting session with something sweet, their signature Crème Brule (RM8) was torched to magnificence

A relatively simple description, this piece consisted purely of sweet custard, caramelised sugar, and a topping of blueberries. 

A sugary satisfaction, the light torch on the crest of this confection provided a delicate crack before delving into the airy vanilla custard. The hints of freshness in the berries added a refreshing relief to the dish, removing the opportunity for the custard to become too dense. 

Image via SAYS

Here's a little tease on the action:

As for the drinks, we tried a hot cup of their Cappucino (RM12). While it was fulfilling, there wasn't anything particular to scream about with this brew, but it definitely gets the job done for those looking for a caffeine fix.

The Ice Lemon Tea (RM12) was satisfying as well. Zesty and reviving, this was a good option to counter the heavy meals for momentary relief.

A highlight of the lot, however, was their Chocolate Ice Blend (RM19) that was topped off with whipped cream, sprinkles, and a chocolate wafer. A chocolate-lovers choice, this item was sweet and smooth without being too thick. On a cold and rainy afternoon, this definitely did the trick to brighten up our day.

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Overall, Blu Apron truly celebrated the pleasure of hearty recipes while maintaining a superior level of culinary craftsmanship

Considering our entire experience at Blu Apron, there was such a brief margin of improvement that would be preposterous to harp on, considering how every dish stood out individually with bold and memorable palettes.

Though we did not try every item on the menu, we'd steadily inform readers that Blu Apron doesn't just cater Western and European delights for their patrons, they also include a couple of local delicacies, including beef rendang

Multi-dimensional and growing in popularity among avid cafe hoppers that are seeking out the latest and most interesting restaurant to splurge at, don't forget to check in and make reservations for a splendid dining experience at Blu Apron.

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Here's where you can find Blu Apron:

Image via SAYS

G Floor, Ramada Suites By Wyndham KLCC, 1,
Lorong Ceylon, Bukit Ceylon, 50200 Kuala Lumpur,
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur.

Operating hours:
7am-12am (Daily).

Website | Facebook | Instagram

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