This Cafe In PJ Creates Delicious Mexican Tacos With A Yummy Malaysian Twist

Have you ever heard of an Asam Pedas Taco?

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Finding really good Mexican food is hard to come by, but what happens when a Malaysian takes these exquisite delicacies and makes them his own?

Nestled in the charming nook of SS4C/5 in Petaling Jaya, comes an unconventional cafe with a lot of heart-bursting flavours served up on a plate.

Undisclosed Location was founded by Mervin Chin, a business graduate whose aspirations spelt out a cafe that truly represented himself and his bold palette of ambitious cuisines.

Realising that the corporate world wasn't for him, he immersed himself back into the service sector, and worked as a barista before eventually opening up the cafe of his dreams.

The interior of Undisclosed Location is simple, yet unassuming at the same time. With dark walls through a mixture of grey and black tones, the open floor plan of this eatery displays its uniqueness in their coffee bar, where you can watch the baristas work their magic.

The concrete design is complemented by a series of potted plants throughout the cafe, both inside and outside, adding to the cool and casual vibes that accompany the neighbourhood surrounding of this cafe.

When asked about the concept behind the blueprint of the cafe, Mervin noted, "I wanted to remove the glitz and the glamour other brunch cafes tend to use. Let the food do the talking for itself."

With outside seating available if you want some sun, proper shading is accounted for with the huge awning so you don't melt in the heat.

Arguably the most eye-catching feature of their cafe is the white marble statue of Grecian God Theseus slaying the Minotaur, as according to the story in Ancient Greek history. Paying homage to the popular sculpture in Tuileris Garden, this isn't the only mythological piece adorned in the cafe.

Inside, there is a portrait of the Goddess of Wild Animals, Artemis, and a painting of Russian novelist Fyodor Dostoevsky

In asking Mervin about the art choices he displays as part of Undisclosed Location's concept, he stipulated, "I'm a huge Ancient Greece fan, I love mythology! Adding these European pieces and pairing it with Mexican food is just my relative interests." 

Staying true to himself, it's safe to say that Undisclosed Location is Mervin's love letter of his favourite things wrapped around a corner lot in SS4. Whichever way you look at it, come for the food, and take some Instagram-worthy pictures with a Greek God and a slain beast

Building so much hype around their Mexican classics, let's dive right in and discover these reinvented tacos we reviewed on our visit

Luckily for us, we tried three of the four tacos Undisclosed Location has on their menu, and we have all the deets!

Each taco is lightly fried on both sides, with each plate accompanied by a side of salad and cut cherry tomatoes.

Beginning with their Classic Beef Taco (RM26), the texture of the ground beef is soft and tender. Marinated in their homemade taco seasoning, the taco also consisted of pico de gallo (a variation of salsa), and jalapeños. With ranch dressing squirted across the filling, sink your teeth into this delicious creation filled with mozzarella cheese.

Simply described, this is comfort food at it's finest. Resting on a bed of generous guacamole (as are all the other tacos in the menu), this choice was savoury, succulent, and delicious!

We followed up with the Malacca Asam Fish Taco (RM25), which quickly rose to being the best taco of the day.

Slathered entirely in their Malaccan inspired asam sauce, the use of dory fish fingers lightens the tastebuds while still providing the sharp tang from the sauce.

The balance is found within their rich homemade sour cream and mozzarella cheese drizzled generously over the meat, topped with pico de gallo and jalapeños.

The final taco we tasted was the Varuval Chicken Taco (RM25), which had hints of spice that'll brighten up your day.

Tasting like an authentic Indian varuval curry, the ground chicken is tasty and spicy.

Combining the fusion flavours within this classic south Indian dish, curry leaves and all, and amplifying them with quintessential Mexican flavours, ear steamers can rest assure that this is just the ticket to warm up your tummy.

Closing off our opinions on all three of these tacos, we deeply appreciated the generosity of filling that was provided for each taco. Spilling from our hands at each bite, it would be difficult to argue as to whether one would prefer a fat taco or an undersized one.

Needless to say, beyond the impactful flavours came a liberal amount of meat in each taco, worth every Ringgit out of your pocket.

The star of the show was the oozy and cheesy Hickory Smoked Beef Quesadillas (RM24), topped off with a creamy guacamole dip

What can I say? This dish is nothing less than heaven on a plate.

A new addition to the menu, it would be a sure-fire miss to not order this mouthwatering beauty if you pay a trip to Undisclosed Location. Lightly heated on the outside, sink your teeth into this gooey goodness and pull away at the melted cheese that oozes from the quesadilla.

With smoked beef laying at the base of this quesadilla, the addition of corn pieces and diced onions add a layer of crunch to balance out the dense melted cheese, and creamy ranch dressing. 

Be prepared to get down and dirty, and dip the slices into some guacamole for a mild sweetness to be added to this already tasty dish.

For a little after-lunch snack, Aunty Ng's Jumbo Curry Puffs (RM12) hit just the right spot with some tea and juices

After finishing our tacos, we were served up some jumbo curry puffs with hardboiled egg and curried filling, that lived up to its name. Crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside, the pastry to filling ratio is well balanced out without one element overpowering the other.

Crafted to perfection, this makes for a great tea-time option if you're not looking for a full meal, but need a heavier snack.

Though there is a complete menu of beverages from french teas to hot chocolates, and even black coffee, we were served up some lighter options that are popular among their regular patrons. 

Brewed to delight, their signature Latte with Soy Milk (RM12) was strong and aromatic to the bean. The addition of the soy milk reduced the bitterness of the taste, but avid coffee drinkers looking for a stronger caffeine fix may opt to go without the milk in such a case.

As for the juices, their press of Rainbow Dash (RM13) was light and refreshing. Zesty and cooling for a hot day, the mixture of passionfruit, cherry, and pineapple juice was apt to wash down the meat-filled tacos.

The best drink of the day would have to be their signature Iced Matcha Latte (RM13). With notes of sugar and umami, the grassy notes were delightfully complemented by the soy milk that lingers in your mouth for a sweet aftertaste when finishing off your meal.

We even saved room for dessert, two slices of cake that accurately represent the vision of Undisclosed Location

The first slice we tried is referred to as Grandma's Favourte (RM17), which is a Bubur Cha Cha cake, containing hints of nostalgia, as according to the establishment! 

With carefully considered layers, the vanilla base is complemented with a layer of sweet potato cream, and yam-filled cream as well. Topped off with coconut shavings, a layer of coconut jelly sits delicately as the summit of this multi-flavoured masterpiece.

Sweet, yet earthy at the same time, this cake truly lives up to its name. Be transported back to a time where simple ingredients could pack a huge flavour punch in one bite.

The next cake we had was the Vanilla Cream with Rum & Raisin (RM19), popular due to the complexities that go behind its very creation.

Soaked in rum for at least eight hours, the raisins within the vanilla cream are believed to contain half a shot of Bacardi per slice. I can't speak for the general population, but if I order an alcohol-based cake that doesn't whisk me into intoxication, what's the point?

With a butter crumb base and cream cheese drops gently dotted on the top of a slice, this cake serves up everything we expected from it. From the first bite, the taste of Bacardi is strong, and automatically moves up to one of the best alcohol cakes I have ever tasted before.

Beyond these delicious options, Undisclosed Location also has a plethora of other alcohol-based cakes, including the Johnny Walker Whiskey Coffee & Salted Caramel Cake (RM19), and a Red Wine Chocolate Mousse Cake (RM19).

For those with health conditions, or just choosing to watch their diet, don't miss out on their KETO-friendly cakes! Some of these flavours include the Low-Carb Classic Burnt Cheesecake (RM16) and the Low-Carb Varlhona Dark Chocolate Cake (RM20).

In manufacturing our final verdict, did we think Undisclosed Location is SAYS approved?

Considering how their opening was less than a fortnight ago, Undisclosed Location is on its way to becoming one of the hottest cafes to hit the scene in PJ

Captivating a dynamic audience, we saw groups of families, teenage outings, and even elderly couples walk in and order everything from a taco feast to just a slice of cake for their afternoon.

Though they have quite a way to go before establishing themselves stably and extending their already climbing legacy, the very recent launch and steady inflow of diverse customers show how the food of Undisclosed Location is truly speaking for itself. 

With compelling designs, scrumptious food, and a charming and hearty appeal, Undisclosed Location is proudly SAYS approved!

Here's where you can find Undisclosed Location:

1, Jalan SS4C/5,
Taman Rasa Sayang,
47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Operating hours:
Wednesday to Monday (11am-6pm).
Closed on Tuesdays.

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