Turquoise & Purple! This Mermaid-Themed Paddle Pop Ice Cream Is Totally Insta-Worthy

The swirls aren't the only twist, there's a twist of flavours too.

Cover image via @paddlepop.idn (Instagram)

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This Spotlight is sponsored by Wall's. 

Eh guys, the weather has been sooooooo hot lately, right? Why not beat the heat with some ice cream?

In fact, Wall's just released a new Paddle Pop flavour that looks whimsical. :O

Introducing Paddle Pop Twister Mermaid, a mermaid-inspired ice cream that comes in beautiful colours, making it look oh-so-magical :9

And the flavours come with a twist too!

The blue swirl around the ice cream is blueberry-flavoured, while the purple swirl is tutti frutti-flavoured, both of which contain less sugar*, yummm.

Image via Wall's

On top of that, the swirls cover the refreshing sweet yoghurt ice cream, giving you a burst of different flavours that make a perfect combination.

One stick (55ml) of Twister Mermaid actually contains less sugar (11g/serving) than a cup (200ml) of mixed fruit yoghurt drink (26g/serving).*

*Source: Malaysian Food Composition Database, Singapore HPB Energy & Nutrient Composition of Food, Paddle Pop Product Label.

If you're someone who adores mermaid-themed goodies, Paddle Pop is running a contest where you can stand to win cool prizes worth up to RM19,000, woohoo!

Image via Wall's

Wall's is giving away personalised Mermaid Tumblers, as well as Mermaid-Themed Terrarium DIY Kits.

Check out the prizes:

1. Mermaid Tumblers worth RM99 each x 100 units

2. Mermaid-Themed Terrarium DIY Kits worth RM60 each x 150 units

All you gotta do is buy a minimum of one Paddle Pop Twister Mermaid and record a video of yourself using Wall's #MeriahWithMermaid IG story filter!

Here's a step-by-step guide:
1. Buy at least one Paddle Pop Twister Mermaid
2. Visit @paddlepopmy on Instagram, tap on the filter icon, and try the #MeriahWithMermaid filter
3. Record yourself with the story filter. Remember to include your Paddle Pop ice cream in the story too.
4. Don’t forget to tag @paddlepopmy with the hashtags: #MeriahWithMermaid & #MyPaddlePop

So easy, right? Don't forget to set your Instagram account to public as well.

Winners will be selected based on the best creative use of #MeriahWithMermaid filter with sound on. Contest terms and conditions apply.

So, whatchu waiting for? Go beat the heat by getting Paddle Pop Twister Mermaid today and stand to win awesome goodies!

Paddle Pop Twister Mermaid is available at any local convenience store, petrol mart, grocer, supermarket, Shopee, and Lazada.

Don't forget to follow and like Paddle Pop on both Facebook and Instagram to get the latest updates.

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