Pizza Hut Has An All-New Sourdough Crust That's Light, Airy, And Super Delicious

Pizza with a sourdough crust? YASSSS.

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This Spotlight is sponsored by Pizza Hut.

Have y'all heard? Pizza Hut just released their new Hand Crafted San Francisco Style pizza crust, and it's made out of sourdough, yum!

The new Hand Crafted San Francisco Style Pizza is made fresh every day with sourdough that has been fermented for a long time, resulting in open-cell structures that change the taste and texture of the pizza. 

What's unique about the new sourdough-based crust is that the fermentation process creates air pockets in the dough, giving it a texture that's different from other types of pizza dough. The best part is that you can enjoy this new crust with all the existing Pizza Hut flavours :3

Also, they've added three flavours that are exclusive to the Hand Crafted San Francisco Style pizza crust: Creamy Beef Fiesta, Creamy Chicken Fiesta, Creamy Crispy Chicken

While all three flavours come with a white sauce base, the toppings are different. The Creamy Beef Fiesta includes beef pepperoni and cabanossi, a dried sausage that tastes similar to salami, while the Creamy Crispy Chicken is topped with deep-fried chicken pops. Lastly, the Creamy Chicken Fiesta has chicken pepperoni and salami sprinkled all over it, yum!

We got to try the Creamy Chicken Fiesta pizza with the Hand Crafted San Francisco Style crust, and here's what we thought

Look closely, and you can see the air pockets in the crust! That's the secret to the crust's crunch :D

Image via Fionaa Kessler/SAYS

It's kinda like a combination of a regular crust and a thin crust, if you guys get what we mean!

The air pockets result in an airy crust that is soooo light and tasty, you'll definitely keep reaching for another slice. This makes the crust less dense, so you can enjoy more slices without feeling too jelak.

The bottom part of the crust has a great light texture, and just goes so well with the pizza toppings! It's a gastronomic adventure in your mouth, mmmmm.

The crust also has a very light flavour that complements the toppings well, and we loved every last bite of it. :9 Between the light crunch of the crust, the cheese, as well as its toppings, this pizza was well-balanced in terms of its mouthfeel. 

As for the Creamy Chicken Fiesta flavour, it was absolutely delish

Pizza Hut's all-new white sauce paired so well with the chicken pepperoni and salami, and we just couldn't stop eating it.

The creaminess of the sauce cuts through the richness and residual saltiness of the meat, and pairs perfectly with the cheese. Just look at the cheese pull, y'all.

Image via GIPHY

Watch this video to find out more about Pizza Hut's yummy pizza:

Taking a bite of the Hand Crafted San Francisco Style pizza is kinda like going on a gastronomic adventure, and that's why Pizza Hut has an awesome promo going on

From 14 to 16 August at 3pm to 4pm, you can be one of the 10,000 lucky Malaysians who are able to cop one Hand Crafted San Francisco Style Creamy Chicken Fiesta at an introductory price of RM1.90. It even comes with a luggage sticker, so cool right? Just visit this website for more deets.

Since we're not able to travel just yet, this is a fun way of evoking memories of boarding a flight. It's the little things that make the most difference, so thank you, Pizza Hut <3

For a slice of 'za that's got a nice bite to it and yummy flavours, you should definitely try out what Pizza Hut has to offer

Their airy Hand Crafted San Francisco Style pizza crust, along with three exclusive flavours, are a must-try! Light, crispy, airy, and flavourful, we gerenti you'll enjoy this :3

Wanna have a taste of Pizza Hut's all-new crust and flavours? Head over to this website to place an order today!

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