[QUIZ] Are You The Ultimate Malaysian Foodie? React To These Situations To Find Out

Discover whether you're a real food connoisseur or just a foodie imposter!

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If the thought of eating delicious food fills your thoughts every hour of the day, we can definitely relate! <3

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After all, for many of us, breakfast is what motivates us to start the day, and lunch is the one thing we look forward to in the office, amirite? ;P

Thankfully, as Malaysians, we are blessed with a diverse array of food choices at practically every corner. From aromatic curries and flavourful noodle dishes to succulent street food and delectable local desserts, Malaysia is pretty much a foodie's paradise.

Adding to the charm is how our culinary scene extends to a myriad of international cuisines, including Japanese, Korean, and Western fare, so we never have a dull food day.

But the question remains — are you the real deal when it comes to food? Put yourself to the test and see how much of a foodie you actually are:

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Note: This quiz is for entertainment purposes only. Dun so serious, okay? :)

Whatever your result, there's no denying that we Malaysians love food, however, there are still days when we simply can't decide what to eat.

Feeling stuck? GrabFood 5-Star is here to help you discover top-rated local eateries you need to give a try!

Whether you're looking to explore new dishes nearby you or back in your hometown, or you're simply planning to go on a food adventure over the weekend to a different state,

you can find the best local eats with just a simple click on GrabFood '5-Star Restaurants' tile in the app.

What's amazing is that you'll also be able to see ratings and reviews left by real customers who have eaten there, so you can get the best foodie experience. In fact, you can opt for GrabFood 5-Star top-rated restaurants to sample what Malaysians consider to be the best food in town!

Here are some of GrabFood 5-Star rated restaurants, if you're looking to fix your sweet tooth cravings or satisfy your belly:

1. TianMiMi Dessert Shop, Penang

If you're a fan of traditional Chinese desserts that showcase the perfect blend of flavours and textures, the menu at TianMiMi Dessert Shop will definitely satisfy your tastebuds. They offer a delightful array of options, including desserts like black glutinous rice, sweet potato sago, and longan pudding. If you want a refreshing treat, go for cooling desserts like mango sago and honeydew sago, which are perfect to enjoy on sunny days.

2. The Soybean Factory, Klang Valley

Presenting a diverse menu centred around soy milk, this eatery offers a variety of soy-based dishes, ranging from classic tofu delicacies like tau fu fah to creative soy-infused concoctions such as shaved ice desserts. If you're seeking a wholesome place to savour the goodness of soy, The Soybean Factory is the place to be!

3. myPizzaLab, Klang Valley

Known for pushing the boundaries of traditional pizza making, this establishment offers a diverse range of artisanal pizzas with inventive toppings and unique flavour combinations, such as the Huat The Duck pizza, which combines smoked duck slices with mandarin oranges and onion jam. With a commitment to quality ingredients and a dash of creativity, myPizza Lab transforms the pizza experience into a gourmet adventure that caters to all palates.

4. Borenos Fried Chicken, Kota Kinabalu

This establishment is a paradise for fried chicken enthusiasts, delivering a perfect blend of crispiness and juiciness in every bite. With a secret blend of herbs and spices, Borenos Fried Chicken offers a flavourful twist to the classic fried chicken experience. Whether you prefer wings, thighs, or drumsticks, this eatery in Sabah promises a satisfying experience that will leave you craving for more.

But that's not all. Besides being some of the top-rated restaurants on GrabFood, these restaurants also made it to the GrabFood Awards 2023, which is a curated list of the best restaurants rated by millions of Malaysians, for Malaysians.

Check out the full list of GrabFood Awards 2023 winners here.

Ready to indulge in the best local eats around Malaysia? Be sure to order from GrabFood 5-Star restaurants today!

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