[QUIZ] Calling All McD Drive-Thru Lovers! Only True Fans Can Score 5/7 On This Quiz

Feel like you're a true McD Drive-Thru fan? Challenge yourself with the recently launched #JalanJalanMcD #RoadTripChallenge

Cover image via McDonald's Malaysia (Provided to SAYS)

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Whenever you hit the highway for a road trip, it's almost always a tradition to make a pit stop at a McDonald's Drive-Thru, amirite?

During this year-end holiday season, why not plan a road trip around Peninsular Malaysia with your family or friends? Confirm you have not yet been to all the states, kan?

That's why McDonald's has launched their #JalanJalanMcD #RoadTripChallenge, where you'll get to visit 20 selected iconic McDonald's Drive-Thru restaurants for a chance to win cash prizes worth up to RM100,000. Wowww!

The cool thing is that each iconic McDonald's Drive-Thru comes with its own unique story and background that not everyone may have heard of (unless you're a real fan, y'know ;P).

So, are you a true McD Drive-Thru fan? Put your knowledge and take this quiz to see how much you actually know:

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Note: This quiz is for entertainment purposes only. Dun so serious, okay? :)

Want to go on a road trip with your loved ones this holiday season and win a share of RM100,000 worth of prizes? You can do exactly that by participating in the #JalanJalanMcD #RoadTripChallenge!

Happening from 10 to 31 December, you can gather your loved ones for a road trip around Peninsular Malaysia to discover amazing destinations while visiting 20 selected iconic McDonald's Drive-Thru restaurants along the way. 

First, you'll need to get a #JalanJalanMcD passport, then you can embark on your journey of collecting stamps from all 20 selected iconic McD Drive-Thrus!

Start your #RoadTripChallenge by purchasing the #JalanJalanMcD bundle on the McD app. It comes with a McChicken, a Spicy McCrispy, medium fries, two medium-sized coke, a free #JalanJalanMcD passport, and a stamp for only RM19.99!

In the McD app, choose the #JalanJalanMcD bundle in the deals section. Then, redeem the QR code given and purchase it at the Drive-Thru window of any McD Drive-Thru in Peninsular Malaysia. Do note that there are limited passports, so hurry to get yours now!

The first ten participants to complete the #JalanJalanMcD #RoadTripChallenge by collecting ALL 20 iconic stamps will win prizes worth up to RM100,000, yayyy! :D

Here's what you need to do:

STEP 1: Plan your journey to visit all 20 iconic McD Drive-Thru restaurants.

STEP 2: Spend a minimum of RM20 via 'Order & Collect' at your first stop to get your Jalan-Jalan McD passport, as well as your first stamp.

STEP 3: To complete your check in, upload photos of your receipt and stamp on Do the same at the remaining 20 Drive-Thru restaurants, and hope you're the first ten to complete the challenge!

Create a travel vlog of your #RoadTripChallenge journey to win even more prizes! :)

How to participate: 
1. Along with getting the stamps, compile a video showcasing yourself at 20 of the selected iconic McD Drive-Thru restaurants in Malaysia.

2. Upload the video on Instagram Reels, and tag @mcdonaldsmalaysia with the hashtag, #RoadTripChallenge.

3. Ten of the most liked videos will be chosen as winners. 

Are you ready to go on a road trip? Head over to McD's website for more information!

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