Someone Took A Video Showing A Starbucks Venti And A Grande Containing The Same Amount

We experimented for ourselves and here's what we discovered.

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A video recently surfaced showing two Starbucks cup sizes being able to contain the same amount of liquid and people are confused

As most Starbucks drinkers know, there are several cup size options: tall (12 ounces/354ml), grande (16 ounces/470 ml), and venti (24 ounces/709ml).

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Using a grande- and a venti-sized cup, the video shows someone pouring the same amount of water from one cup to the other, and back again:

The video posted by Mercadotecnia Total has since received over 62,800 Facebook shares.

It appears that the water is able to fill both cups fully, which has people questioning if it is just a marketing tactic to get customers to purchase the larger size

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However, others said that the video is incorrect because the cups are not meant to be filled to the brim – which makes the 239ml difference possible

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A former Starbucks employee alleged that the difference between a grande and a venti is also determined by the number of shots, milk, syrup, and ice.

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Another person also claimed that a grande has one espresso shot, while a venti usually has three shots. 

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We tested the experiment for ourselves with a Starbucks venti and grande cup and the results were similar to the video:

A grande cup filled to the brim resulted in filling about 95% of the venti cup.

However, most beverage companies rarely fill their drinks to the brim.

So, if we were to fill a more realistic amount into the grande cup, then the difference is more noticeable.

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TL;DR: If you take the 'realistic' amount of drink into consideration, then paying that extra RM1 or RM2 for an upgrade to a venti cup is not too bad.

We reached out to Starbucks for comment and here is what they had to say about the video:

"This video was not produced by Starbucks and is not representative of the approach our highly skilled baristas take to prepare and serve handcrafted beverages for our customers," the statement read.

"Starbucks offers beverage sizes and guidelines, which are regularly communicated to our store partners, to ensure a consistent customer experience."

You can watch the full video here:

Marketing efectivo: Venti vs Grande @ Starbucks

Posted by Mercadotecnia Total on Sunday, August 11, 2019

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