Teh Tarik Lovers, Rejoice! You Can Now Get Your Favourite Beverage At All KFC Outlets

Mmm... A cuppa hot teh tarik to start your morning right. :9

Cover image via @kfcmalaysia (Instagram) & Kuali

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This Spotlight is sponsored by KFC. 

It's safe to say that teh tarik makes an excellent morning pick-me-up, right?

Sleepy, tired, hangry? Well, there's nothing that a hot, frothy teh tarik can't solve! Pair it with some hearty breakfast, and your mornings already look way better than before. :')

Here's the good news — KFC is rolling out a brand new and improved teh tarik that you can slowly sip to start your morning right :9

Image via KFC

Fragrant, creamy, and frothy, KFC's teh tarik is specially formulated by Nestle for a richer and creamier morning, mmmm! 

And you can absolutely pair the hot beverage with any of KFC's breakfast meals.

Image via KFC

The best part? The hot beverage is available at all KFC outlets!

Plus, it will be on the menu all-day long, yasss! Need a pick-me-up for your afternoon break? Or some good ol' teh tarik to end your long day? KFC has gotchu covered. 

So, whatchu waiting for? Head over to any KFC outlet to get your teh tarik cravings fixed today!

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