This Restaurant In Klang Has Creamy, Crispy Appam & Mouthwatering Sri Lankan Food

Klang people love it, non-Klang people drive for it.

Cover image via @gladys._.lee (Instagram) & @adafj2015 (Instagram)

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Homecooked food is the best kind of food. Finding a restaurant that offers homecooked flavours is not always easy 'cause the main ingredient is... as cheesy as it sounds: Love.

But that's exactly what this place in Klang makes.

Love Mom Restaurant – an apt name – has some of the best appam in town

Run by a single mother with three children, they offer appam that has crispy edges with a perfect soft, fluffy centre, and in my favourite Asian saying: Not too sweet.

There are several types you can order, including a regular one with milk, one with brown sugar, and one with egg

The slight saltiness of the appam balances out the sweetness perfectly, while the egg version is good for anyone who prefers a savoury option.

Everything is made from scratch, including their mixed rice dishes that are a blend of Indian and Sri Lankan cuisines

Some favourites are the chicken rendang, bitter gourd salad, sambal fish, and mutton varuval, which if you're lucky, you might find a tasty bone marrow included!

TBH, this place is no hidden gem among Klangites and some non-Klangites alike. I'd call it one of Klang's must-visit spots whenever you're in the area and if you're not, it's worth travelling for.

Here's where Love Mom Restaurant is located:

12, Lorong Menalu Taman Chi Liung,
41200 Klang, Selangor, Malaysia

Opening hours:
7am – 5pm (Tuesday to Saturday)
7am – 10pm (Sunday)
Closed on Mondays.

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