We Tried Twisties' All-New Kaya Butter Toast Flavour. Here's What We Think

Buttery, sweet, and crunchy — Twisties' new flavour is an ode to the much-obsessed kopitiam breakfast staple.

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One of the local food staples we're obsessed with has gotta be kaya butter toast, right? Mmmmmmm.

Usually found in kopitiams, kaya butter toast consists of warm toasted crispy bread generously slathered with creamy kaya and melted butter, yum! In fact, the traditional kopitiam snack is still one of the local food staples Malaysians just can't get enough of. 

Whether we have it for breakfast with soft boiled eggs, as a quick afternoon snack with a cup of hot coffee, or sometimes as a suppertime treat, kaya butter toast makes a delightful bite that can be enjoyed any time, anywhere. :9

Like, look at this image of crusty toasted bread slabbed with plenty of kaya and butter, amaigaaaaaddd.

Well, guess what? Twisties recently added their all-new Kaya Butter Toast flavour to the family, which means the popular kopitiam delicacy we're obsessed with can now be enjoyed in the flavourful form of corn snacks, yassssss! :D

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Wanting to pay homage to local food, while offering Malaysians a truly different and unique taste that's irresistible, the new Kaya Butter Toast flavour will definitely leave you wanting more. It's a local favourite and many are obsessed with the familiar comforting taste.

Coconut-y as well as buttery, Kaya Butter Toast is the first ever sweet Twisties corn snack, different from other Twisties snacks previously released. So, you definitely gotta #EmbraceYourObsession and give this one-of-a-kind flavour a try. ;P

In fact, we managed to get our hands on the new flavour. Here's our verdict:

Image via SAYS

Upon opening the packet, we were greeted with a strong enticing waft of kaya — similar to the smell of a fresh bottle of kaya you often get from kopitiams. That got us hungry immediately, not gonna lie.

Appearance wise, the crisps look like the typical Twisties corn snacks, except that they don't seem to have much flavouring powder on.

But, what matters most is the flavour. We expected a strong taste of kaya, but surprisingly, the taste leaned more towards a savoury buttery flavour, with just a slight hint of coconut-y sweetness. The crunch though, reminded us of biting a piece of crunchy toast coated with lots of butter, yum!

Overall, do the corn snacks pay tribute to kaya butter toast? Yep, it does. If you're looking for a familiar yummy snack that boasts your favourite kopitiam delicacy, you'll love the Twisties Kaya Butter Toast! And after trying it, we are now obsessed with the flavour. Must have moreeeeeeee.

Aside from the yummylicious corn snack, Twisties has also taken the kaya butter obsession to another level by giving away limited edition Kaya Butter Toast merchandise, woohoo!

From now until 12 February, Twisties will be giving away a Kaya Butter Toast bicycle and Kaya Butter Toast action figures on their official Facebook and Instagram pages, omggggg. :O

Inspired by the unique combination and concept of kaya butter toast, the bicycle and action figures boast elements of the snack that are just oh-so-cute. They're a must-have for collectors who are obsessed with all things weird and unique.

Plus, it's so easy to get your hands on the limited edition merchandise. Check out Twisties' social media pages to find out more details on how to win. 

Terms and conditions apply.

Eh, wait! That's not all. You can also stand to win an exclusive Kaya Butter Toast scented candle from SAYS!

In collaboration with Twisties, we're giving away 50 Kaya Butter Toast scented candles! To all the kaya butter toast obsessors out there, you'll definitely want to get this, so your room can smell all sweet and buttery, hehe. :p Trust us, you can't get these candles anywhere else, so be sure to join and get your hands on them asap!

All you have to do is tag three friends in the comments section of this Facebook post, and 50 winners will be picked at random. That's it! Twisties will contact the winners and send the scented candles within a month.

Terms and conditions apply.

Calling all kaya butter toast lovers! Hurry and #EmbraceYourObssession by getting your hands on Twisties' all-new Kaya Butter Toast flavour available at your nearest hypermarket, as well as on Shopee today!

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