Watch KFC 'Kecek Kelate' & 11 More Dialects In Their Ad To Celebrate Malaysia's Diversity

Now you're speaking our language(s). ;)

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This Spotlight is sponsored by KFC Malaysia. 

Ever wish you could speak another language or dialect?

Living in culturally-rich Malaysia, we're always awed (sometimes downright jealous) by people who can speak multiple languages and dialects.

Just talking to relatives in our hometown or chatting with our muhibbah gang at the mamak always inspire us to pick up another language or two!

We Malaysians are loud and proud when it comes to our culture and heritage, and feel so much joy whenever it's showcased anywhere.

So you can imagine our excitement when KFC released a special ad for Hari Malaysia that highlights 12 beautiful local dialects and languages!

So you say you kecek kelate? So does KFC ;)

Promoting their new Bucket Bersama, you can watch and enjoy the unique ad in Tamil, Hokkien, Bahasa Sarawak, Bahasa Kelantan, and more!

Get your heartstrings tugged and check all of 'em out below

Bahasa Jawa

Bahasa Pahang

Bahasa Perak

Bahasa Kelantan

Bahasa Terengganu

Bahasa Utara

Bahasa Negeri Sembilan

Bahasa Sarawak

Bahasa Sabah

Bahasa Melaka

Bahasa Hokkien

Bahasa Tamil

Bucket Bersama comes with KFC's signature fried chicken, whipped potato with gravy, drinks, and their new fried waffle sticks with chocolate sauce from only RM 28.90!

It's perfect to enjoy with friends and loved ones.

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For more info, head on over to KFC's official website here.

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