Can You Speak More Than One Language? Join This Avenue K Contest To Show Your Skills & Win

Are You The Real Mix'uh?

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This Spotlight is sponsored by Avenue K.

Malaysia Day is just around the corner and Avenue K would like to celebrate all the diverse cultures that make us Malaysian!

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From rocking baju kurung and Punjabi suits to chowing down on the best food in the world all day errrday, there are so many elements that make our nation one-of-a-kind.

And just like our unique Bahasa Rojak, it's our differences that really unite us

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There's no denying that our mix of cultures is what makes us unique, and that's why Avenue K is honouring all Malaysians this Bulan Kebangsaan

In collaboration with radio stations HITZ and MIX, Avenue K is bringing Malaysians together through our many shared languages!

If you're mixed or have friends and family who are, then you'll definitely get a tickle out of this cute video >.<

"Are you the real mix'uh?" Watch this video to find out:

Are You The Real Mix'Uh

Our mixed-race friends have multiple cultures to balance. We put them to the test to see just how much they know about Malaysia in this special edition of ‘Are You The Real Mix’Uh’ (mini spoiler: they have to sing a song we love as kids. Will they pull it off?!)

Posted by HITZ on Sunday, 1 September 2019

Get ready to put your language skills to the test in the 'Are You The Real Mix'uh?' contest

Here's how to take part:

  1. Stay tuned to HITZ and MIX for the cue to call
  2. Be the lucky caller through and translate a given phrase into English
  3. If your answer is correct, you win a RM150 cash voucher from Avenue K!

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Semoga berjaya, நல்ல அதிர்ஷ்டம், 祝好运, and good luck! Avenue K wishes you a Happy Malaysia Day :)

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