1,600 People Have Been Filmed By Hidden Cameras In 30 Motels Across South Korea

Footage from the cameras were live-steamed online for paying customers.

Cover image via China Press

1,600 people are estimated to have fallen victim to hidden cameras installed in motel rooms across South Korea, revealed local police yesterday, 21 March

Four people are being investigated in connection with the scandal, which involved 42 rooms in 30 accommodations located in 10 cities across the country, reported CNN.

The Straits Times reported that the cameras were found in TV set-top boxes, hair dryer holders, and wall sockets among other places in the motel rooms.

Camera found on a hair dryer holder has been taped up.

Image via China Press

Footage from the cameras were reportedly live-streamed on a website for paying customers to watch

Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency revealed that the clips were live-streamed through a website server based overseas, which had 4,099 members. 

Suspects had pocketed KRW7 million (approximately RM25,360) by selling 803 videos to 97 'VIP' members.

According to China Press, the 'VIP' members pay approximately RM183 every month for extra features including the ability to replay certain videos.

Hidden cameras have been a problem for the South Korean government, with over 6,400 cases of illegal filming reported in 2017

CNN reported that tens of thousands of South Korean women took to the streets last year to protest against illegal filming and demanded action from authorities.

They had marched under the slogan "My Life Is Not Your Porn". 

Image via Korea Herald

In turn, a special squad of female inspectors was deployed to conduct regular checks on Seoul's 20,000 public toilets for hidden cameras.

Nonetheless, critics claim that the government's move was a superficial response to the issue.

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