Survey Shows 65% Of Malaysians Think Guys Should Pay For The First Date

1,000 Malaysians responded to the survey conducted by Vase, a market research company in Malaysia and Singapore.

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A recent survey conducted by Vase, a market research company, revealed that 65% of 1,000 Malaysians think men should pay on the first date

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report on Malaysian dating trends and sexual habits by Vase, in collaboration with World Of Buzz, revealed that 48% of the respondents who think men should pay on the first date expect to spend under RM100, while 42% of them think it should be between RM100 to RM200.

23% of the respondents think the bill should be split, while 12% of them think the person who initiated the date should pay.

More than half of the female respondents would reject a guy who asks them to split the bill on a first date

63% of women revealed that they would not date a guy who asks to split the bill on their first date. 52% of women would not accept guys who ask to split the bill on the first date.

Additionally, 59% of the respondents said they have had sex before, while 55% consider themselves virgins if they only had oral sex

Meanwhile, 47% of those who have had sex said they had done it before they were 21 years old.

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However, 86% of the participants, who are single and would have sex before marriage, revealed that they would pursue a relationship if the partner chose to not engage in pre-marital sexual acts.

85% of the same group would also pursue the relationship if their partner was willing to perform oral sex but not penetration.

Furthermore, 64% of the respondents who are single claimed that they would not have pre-marital sex

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69% of the group also said that they would not be with someone who has had pre-marital sex. 

Nonetheless, 59% of them are comfortable being in a relationship with someone who is open to sex before marriage but respects their decision to wait until after marriage.

The report also showed patterns of contraception use and contraction of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

Condom is the most popular form of contraception among the respondents, standing at 52% of those who had sex before.

Meanwhile, 19% of the group do not use any form of contraception. 

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13% of the group contracted an STD, and Hepatitis B is the most common one contracted by respondents. 

While 60% of the group are aware of screening services for STDs in Malaysia, only 31% of them have used such services.

Demographics of the respondents were also revealed in the report

52% of the 1,000 respondents were male and 48% were female. 67% of the respondents were of Malay ethnicity, 25% of them were Chinese, and 5% were Indian.

23% of them were students.

The monthly income of respondents were also shown in a chart:

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32% of the respondents were single, and 32% of them were married with children. 

16% of the respondents reside in Selangor, followed by 12% in Johor and 11% in Sarawak.

You can view the full report here.

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