1 Utama Clears The Air About The Two Lost Kids. Here's What Really Happened

A post claiming two kids have been kidnapped in 1U had gone viral.

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Facebook has become a hotbed of fake news for people looking to create unnecessary panic among the public

Yesterday, 1 Utama Shopping Centre (1U) took to their Facebook page to clear the air about one such viral fake news that was fast spreading on the social media platform.

According to 1U's Facebook post, someone had falsely tried to create panic by spreading a post on Facebook that two kids had been kidnapped in 1U.

The fake post claimed that the mother was "frantic" and the poster was not able to get the mother's contact details "because she lost her mind already."

Here's the fake post that went viral, creating panic among locals:

Seeing how the above post was creating panic, 1 Utama took to their Facebook page to officially share the real story

"Please be informed that a mum was having dinner at a restaurant in 1 Utama when her two young daughters wandered off without her knowledge," wrote 1 Utama, adding that following which the mother was assisted by their mall security officers.

While the security officers were in the midst of getting info, the kids, who had wandered off, walked back to their mother, the shopping mall said.

However, someone decided to publicise the minor incident as a sensational case of kidnapping and posted on Facebook, creating an instant fear among many.

1 Utama added that they are still very relieved and glad that the children have been found and are safe and sound.

Taking a lighter stand on the viral fake post, 1 Utama advised their patrons that "contrary to popular belief that Facebook is the way to go," should there be any emergency or incident that their patrons wish to report, they should get in touch with their Customer Service Centres instead

Below is 1 Utama's Facebook post in full:

Follow 1 Utama's advise and promote responsible sharing. Share this with family and friends so they are informed.

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