Popular Korean Sandwich Shop Isaac Toast Is Finally Opening Their First Outlet In Malaysia

We can practically smell it already. *drools*

Cover image via Instagram @mikippe1203 / @huangfan00131

Things are about to get warm and toasty in here! Isaac Toast, one of South Korea's most popular sandwich joints, is set to open their first outlet in Malaysia this month.

Isaac Toast started out as a humble sandwich stall nearby a university Seoul in 1995, and has since grown to over 700 retail stores in South Korea as well as several outlets in Macau and Taiwan.

Long hailed as one of Seoul's best breakfast places, Isaac Toast is known for their affordable and filling sandwiches stuffed with your choice of meat and a variety of classic breakfast toppings

Some of their most popular varieties include the Bulgalbi (grilled beef patty), Bulgogi (marinated beef slices), Bacon Best, and Ham Special. Some branches also carry specialty varieties such as Double Cheese Potato, Shrimp, Spicy Cutlet, and Bacon and Cheese Bagel.

The sandwiches start out with fluffy slices of bread lightly fried over a butter-lined hot plate before they are lined with a secret honey-like sauce, followed by the omelette slice, meat patty, shredded cabbage, and a slice of cheese

Though it may seem like a simple breakfast fare, Isaac Toast has seemingly amassed a cult following in South Korea. Just look at the long line of locals and tourists outside their Myeongdong kiosk!

Isaac Toast's first outlet in Malaysia will be officially open for business at the KLIA2 Arrival Hall on Tuesday, 10 October

Sure is the perfect remedy for post-vacation blues before heading home to reality. ;)

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