[VIDEO] 10 Cans Of Beer Caused Two Elderly Men To Go From Friends To Enemies

That escalated real quick.

Cover image via Wong Peter & 米雅

It took only 10 cans of beer for a fight to escalate between two friends in Sibu, Sarawak

Image via 米雅

The video which was first posted on a community page on 9 March has gone viral on social media. At the time of writing, the video has been shared over 9,300 times on Facebook.

The less than a minute-long footage shows two elderly men clash in one of the most hilarious fight video you could find on the Internet

Image via Wong Peter

The video begins with the smaller man using the restaurant's plastic chair to hit his friend and then pushed him to the ground.

After they both fell to the ground, the man in red took charge of the fight as he overpowered the shorter guy

Image via Wong Peter

The former threw 12 punches in total, landing most of it in the face of the white shirt guy. Execution-wise, it was on point as he had his left hand firmly gripped on the man in white's neck while pounding him with his right fist.

A bystander in a light blue T-shirt could be seen laughing while breaking up the pair. After the two men were separated, the white shirt guy immediately fell to the ground.

To be fair, he took 12 punches in the face.

Image via Wong Peter

The white shirt man quickly got back on his feet. While struggling to put on his slippers, the red T-shirt guy attacked the former once more.

Image via Wong Peter

Fortunately, another two men entered the fray and stopped the fight for good.

It remains unknown what had caused the two elderly men to go from friends to enemies in one evening.

You can watch the video of the fight here:

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