112-Year-Old Kelantan Grandma Teases About Remarrying After 7 Marriages

Siti Hawa is a mother of four, grandmother to 19, and great-grandmother to 30.

Cover image via Kosmo & Freepik

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While some of us might squirm at the idea of getting hitched, a 112-year-old grandmother from Tumpat, Kelantan is ready to tie the knot for the eighth time if the right suitor comes along

According to Kosmo, Siti Hawa Hussin has been through seven marriages and has four children from one of her unions.

In a recent interview, Siti Hawa said the fate of her marriages varied, with some of her former husbands passing away, while others ended in divorce due to "differences in perspectives".

Nonetheless, the grandmother to 19 and great-grandmother to 30 jokingly said she wouldn't turn down the opportunity to marry for the eighth time if there were any potential suitors.

Image via Kosmo

Siti Hawa says the secret to her long and healthy life lies in the way she eats her food

Although there is little to no evidence supporting the claim, Siti Hawa firmly believes that not drinking water between bites is a key factor in her well-being.

Even at her ripe old age, Siti Hawa's youngest son, Ali Seme, 58, mentioned that she adheres to a strict eating schedule and consistently takes her medication.

"She can still perform her prayers five times a day while sitting. Despite having a weak memory, she can vividly recount the history of the Japanese occupation to her grandchildren," he added.

In 2021, a pair of sisters in Kelantan also attributed their long life to the way they eat:

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