"It Was So Ugly" — Bride Upset At Wedding Planner For Disappointing RM30,000 Reception

The wedding planner purportedly said the bride's expectations were too high.

Cover image via @ekynaris_ (X)

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Editor's note: The story has been updated with a statement by the wedding planner.

A Malaysian woman has alleged that her wedding planner had "scammed" her of RM30,000 after her wedding day decorations did not match up to her expectations

The bride @ekynaris_ claimed in a lengthy thread on X, formerly known as Twitter, that the wedding planning service provider did not deliver on their promises based on their discussions and wedding package she purchased.

"Expectation vs reality. Don't you feel like crying looking at this? When they showed me an example, they said there would be butterflies. But during my wedding, the butterflies must have been hiding. The flowers were also so bare. And the walkway was so ugly," she wrote, while sharing photos and videos of the event.

A photo of a previous client's wedding (left) and the bride's wedding (right).

Image via @ekynaris_ (X)

In the thread, she added that she was promised a 360° video booth for her guests, but on the day of the wedding, her family told her it was not there

"Here is another thing I cannot accept. They said they would change the photo booth [in my package] to a 360° video booth. However, on the day of my reception, it was not there," she ranted.

"And they said they forgot! HOW CAN?" she added.

The bride also said that she had ordered food for 600 people, but claimed that the catering was only enough to feed 200.

Image via @ekynaris_ (X)

She said the reason she took to social media to complain was because the planner did not want to issue her a refund

"He said my expectations were too high," she said, showing a screenshot of their WhatsApp conversation.

"I'm not satisfied because I did not get what I was shown or offered. Especially after meeting multiple times to talk about how I wanted the dais and walkway to look," she explained.

Image via @ekynaris_ (X)

To settle the issue, the wedding planner suggested that the woman bring the case to the Tribunal for Consumer Claims.

At the time of writing, the bride told SAYS that she has filed a claim with the tribunal.

Image via @ekynaris_ (X)

Meanwhile, the event company, Culture Events Avenue And Hospitality, said they have filed a police report against the client for defamation and tarnishing their reputation

In a Facebook post on 13 December, the wedding planning service provider, run by an Encik Syed, claimed that the client was satisfied with the preparations on the day of the ceremony.

"The bride rated us 9/10 on the day, but a day after the ceremony, she wrote to us and asked for a refund from us even though the service had been fully provided," read the post.

The planner added that the client did not wait until all of the preparations were completed the night before the reception and that changes could have been made immediately if she was dissatisfied.

"We also prepared food for 600 people, but we were very surprised that their invitations reached 900 people, with a total of 1,200 plates. But, alhamdulillah, we tried to help her," they added.

In a Facebook post today, 15 December, Syed said he has filed a police report and will hold a press conference to clarify the situation to the public.

"I believe this is simply her personal opinion on the matter. She posted a thread that describes events unrelated to the service we provided for her. Her statement regarding the issue is totally wrong. So far, all my previous clients have been happy with my service and we always receive good comments," the planner told SAYS.

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