[VIDEO] M'sian Man Cries & Walks Down The Aisle Alone At His Wedding Reception

He was seen wiping away his tears with a tissue throughout the ceremony.

Cover image via Muhammad Iqbal Ishak/Harian Metro & @syaf0311 (TikTok)

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A Malaysian man cried when he had to walk down the aisle all by himself at his wedding reception

The bridegroom, 21-year-old Muhammad Iqbal Ishak, drew the attention of netizens after his wife, 24-year-old Nor Syafiqah Rozita Rody, posted a video of him attending their wedding reception all by himself on TikTok.

Iqbal can be seen wiping his tears in the video, unable to contain his sadness because his wife could not be with him to celebrate their special day together.

Although the wife was unable to attend her own wedding reception, the ceremony had to continue because all the arrangements had already been made

Iqbal, a police officer, said that their reception was supposed to take place on 12 December last year. However, he was asked to be on duty that day and the ceremony had to be rescheduled, reported Harian Metro.

He added that his wife had decided to reschedule the wedding reception to 29 September 2022, in honour of their anniversary.

"Two weeks before our reception, we went to try on our wedding costumes. At the time, everything was already set and prepared for the ceremony," said Iqbal.

Unfortunately, a day before the wedding reception, Iqbal had to take his wife to see a doctor because she suddenly developed severe allergies and was too weak

She also visited the hospital to check on their unborn child.

Syafiqah was then referred to Hospital Selayang before being warded for further treatments.

Iqbal attempted to persuade the doctor to release his wife for one day, but he was advised to let his wife receive medical treatment at the hospital despite the wedding reception.

The couple, who was married on 18 June 2021, then decided that it would be best to just proceed with the reception as Syafiqah's family had already flown from Sabah to Kuala Lumpur for the ceremony.

"I tried to control my emotions, but ended up crying when I walked down the aisle and stood on the dais," Iqbal said after the wedding reception.

"The guests who attended were also surprised at first when they saw that I was the only one present, but they understood after the ceremony's host told them what had happened to my wife."

However, when the groom was able to make a video call to his wife while on the dais, he said his heart was slightly healed.

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