"He Didn't Just Apologise" — M'sian Woman Gets Married To Man Who Hit Her With A Scooter

That's one way to hit on someone.

Cover image via @nxjwanasir (Twitter)

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A Malaysian woman found the love of her life after he ran into her with a scooter by accident in Cyberjaya one day

Following the incident, the man sent a text message to the woman, the screenshot of which was shared on her Twitter profile, @nxjwanasir.

The man asked how she was doing and offered to take her to the clinic because he felt terrible about hitting her.

She declined his offer, claiming that she was unharmed in the accident. The man then invited her out for drinks to properly apologise to her.

Six months later, they got together and are now happily married

"I thought he only wanted to apologise after hitting me, but he also sent his family to propose to me," the new bride said in jest.

Her husband added that while he was riding the Beam Scooter and enjoying the beautiful view of Cyberjaya Lake Garden that day, he did not see the beauty that was standing right in front of him, who would soon be his wife.

Most netizens congratulated her, while some left hilarious comments on her post

One Twitter user asked, "Okay, who wants to get hit?"

"Do not tempt me to hit someone else on the road. Thank you," said another.

Another user asked, "I thought this only existed in TV3 dramas. How did he get your number?"

The woman replied that her husband had asked for her number because the scooter handle had knocked into her arm during the incident. He then offered to take her to the clinic, but she suspected it was all his tactics as she had already told him that she was fine.

"F-ck dating apps. On God, we have to do it the old way; felony," said one netizen.

Her tweet has since gone viral, garnering over 9,300 retweets and 26,800 likes at the time of writing.

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