This M'sian Couple Did Their Wedding Photoshoot At A Chilli Pan Mee Shop & It's Too Cute

We're obsessed!

Cover image via @pricillamark (Instagram) & @cxpturingsouls (Instagram)

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When it comes to wedding photoshoots, couples often opt for picturesque gardens or romantic beach sunsets.

However, for this Malaysian couple, Pricilla and Alex, the key ingredient to capturing their love was the spicy goodness of chilli pan mee.

The pair recently went viral on Instagram for their unique wedding photoshoot that took place at their favourite chilli pan mee shop.

The couple from Kuala Lumpur told SAYS that their relationship began over two humble bowls of pan mee more than 11 years ago

"Our first meal together as friends was at a chilli pan mee stall in a hawker centre. Both of us had never tried it before," said Pricilla.

"I, with my love for all things spicy, immediately took a liking to it. Since then, we've been exploring various pan mee shops."

She recalled that they stumbled upon renowned chilli pan mee chain Kin Kin in 2013, and it quickly became their favourite go-to spot as a couple.

"We've been going on dates there ever since!"

Pricilla added that their love for chilli pan mee was not questioned by their wedding photographer, who was immediately on board to fulfil their request

"Amanda from @cxpturingsouls studio and I have collaborated on shoots before, so she was ecstatic!" shared the 30-year-old software engineer and content creator.

As Kin Kin is their favourite spot, Pricilla said they coordinated with a branch to find a time when it was the least crowded to do the shoot.

From shared noodles to shared dreams, you could say the resulting photos perfectly encapsulate the couple's journey

In the comments section Alex echoed the sentiment, saying, "My wife captured at her happiest, with a bowl of pan mee. And me captured at my happiest, watching her get excited for her food."

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