Here's Why This Couple Posed For Their Wedding Photos In Front Of A Huge Pile Of Trash

The bride stated that her photographer was in disbelief when he first heard her suggestion.

Cover image via Iris Hsueh (Facebook)

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A couple's wedding photo set against the backdrop of a garbage dump in Puli City, Nantou County, Taiwan, has gained global attention

The photos went viral after the bride, Iris Hsueh, shared them on her Facebook account. 

According to Taiwan's Gutzy Asia, Hsueh stated that she chose the unconventional location as a backdrop for her wedding photos to highlight the issues of waste accumulation despite its unpleasant odour.

Through these photos, the bride hopes to inspire people to reduce wastage and maintain the natural beauty of the country.

Hsueh stated that the photographer was in disbelief when she proposed taking photos in front of a garbage heap

In her Facebook post, Hsueh said that the photographer thought she was joking when he heard her suggestion.

The wedding photographer with three decades of experience said that it was the first time he had received such an unusual request.

According to Gutzy Asia, the couple, who will be getting married in January next year, intends to have an eco-friendly ceremony.

They will also be encouraging their guests to bring their own containers and utensils.

Here are ways you can try to reduce your own carbon footprint:

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