3 Places You Can Swap Out Old Clothes For New Ones Without Spending Any Money

Clothing swaps not only save you money, but also saves the earth. :p

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In need of a wardrobe overhaul, but cash is a little tight?

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Instead of scraping the bottom of your piggybank for money to spend, look towards style swaps instead.

Here are three places where you can get a new wardrobe for practically no fee:

1. The Swap Project

The Swap Project (TSP) was launched in late 2018 by Jayda Chong and Jamie Choy, two young women who "are passionate about sustainability in a fashionable way".

TSP has hosted a variety of themed "swap parties", including one for Christmas and Hari Raya. It boasts a collection of clothing with sizes ranging from XS to XXL.

Their rules are simple: bring a minimum of five pieces of clean clothing, pick what you want from the rack, try it out, then bring them home!

Follow The Swap Project on Facebook to find out more. Take note that certain events have entry fees.

2. Style Swap Malaysia

Some clothing I've taken in a style swap party.

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Style Swap Malaysia functions more as a platform to bring together fashionistas who are interested in hosting their own 'swap parties'.

The Facebook group has been around since 2017, and multiple swap parties have been hosted by various members since then. 

Each swap fulfils a niche category because it is hosted by different members. You can even join and plan your own swap party as well.

Join the Facebook group to find out more.

3. Beli Nothing Project (BNP)

Some clothing I've given out in BNP.

Image via Alyssa J. Oon/SAYS

This is more of a bonus addition, as BNP does not do swaps. It is actually a Facebook group dedicated to buying nothing and freely giving.

There are a few BNP groups, its biggest one being the Klang Valley-based version. You can find separate groups dedicated to various areas as well.

Be sure to read the rules before you start taking or gifting!

Find the Facebook group here.

Meanwhile, if you have really old clothing that needs to be thrown away, here are places to consider:

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