Couple Who Fell In Love At Quarantine Centre Has Adorable PPE-Themed Wedding Photoshoot

Dear god, when will it be my turn? :')

Cover image via Taufiq Noor (Facebook)

It all started when two staff nurses in Johor Bahru met each other while working the frontlines against COVID-19

Photographer and Facebook user Taufiq Noor recently uploaded several photos from a unique wedding photoshoot where a couple wore personal protective equipment (PPE).

The couple told Taufiq, "Because of COVID-19, we were brought together."

He then added, "They met and got to know each other at a COVID-19 quarantine centre when earlier cases started to pop up in Malaysia. They're a tough couple."

According to the photographer, the couple wore PPE for the photoshoot from 12pm to 1.30pm.

"It was so hot but they said that they're used to being covered in sweat," he added.

The couple started the photoshoot in full PPE before stripping down to reveal that they were wearing traditional Malay wedding attire underneath.

The results? Absolutely stunning photos:

Netizens loved the idea and showered the newlyweds with well-wishes

One person wrote, "They look great wearing that and got to make memories out of the COVID-19 season."

Image via Facebook

Another netizen wrote, "Looks great, the best."

Image via Facebook

"COVID-19 soulmates. May they live happily until the end of their lives."

Image via Facebook

One person even jokingly said, "So, how can I register at a quarantine centre? Haha."

Image via Facebook

See more of their photos here:

"kerana covid 19 kami di satukan" mereka bertemu dan berkenalan di pusat kuaritin covid 19 pada awal kes covid lagi...

Posted by Taufiq Noor on Wednesday, January 27, 2021

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